Hey Mama!
I'm Brittany and I am so glad you are here

Tired of feeling overwhelmed about everything you *should* be doing? 

Feeling “less than” when you see that perfectly decorated home on IG? Or those beautiful matching family outfit photos you forgot to take…again?

Physically and mentally tired from being a housekeeper, mom, wife, PTA chair, sports mom, friend, party planner, chauffeur, and woman? 



I am a small-town mom of three who started this blog to share a realistic view of motherhood. I want to encourage you to enjoy “now”. I want to help you find the joy. I want to tell you that you ARE doing a great job. Even if you haven’t heard it in a while, or don’t believe it yourself, you ARE an amazing mother.  

Here you can find free downloads, tips, relatable post and more. 


When you follow Following the Jordans you will not see spotless photos or perfect posts. You will see toys laying around, half-eaten snacks, dirty dishes in the sink, and laundry piling up in the laundry chair that really isn’t a laundry chair. I will be sporting casual clothes and a mom bun 99% of the time. This is me and this is our life. It may not be perfect, but its perfect for us.

We have three beautiful children. We also have 6 dogs, chickens, a bearded dragon, and a tortoise. Oh! I can't forget about the occasional toad, fish, or many tadpoles that Vin loves to catch.

Vincent (Vin) was born April 17, 2015. He is so incredibly kind-hearted (gets that from his dad). He just celebrated his 6th birthday! Alexia 4 (Lexi) was born October 14, 2017. She is so independent and straight forward. She is just as much sassy as she is beautiful.  I love it because she is just like me 

Callum born on October 10, 2019 is 2 years old and proving to me that the terrible twos are a real thing. He was actually a surprise baby! I’ll make a post about that 
 He is growing and developing his own personality that is so fun to watch!

I have been a full-time working mom, part-time working mom, full-time stay at home mom, and now embarking on a new journey of work- at- home mom. Let me say this loud and clear; ALL MOMS ARE WORKING. This applies to all. If you are a mom you are working 24/7. None of the above jobs are easier than the others. All of them have pros and cons. I absolutely love my kids and I love being a mom. Sometimes its hard, sometimes its beautiful and sometimes its both. We all wear multiple hats throughout the day; and we are all just doing our best.

What I Love:



home improvements


I really enjoy cooking (when I have all the ingredients at my fingertips). I also enjoy reading, traveling, and SHOPPING. Those that know me….. know that I have a super teeny, tiny addiction (insert sarcasm). Mostly to Amazon, but I don’t discriminate.

I also love: Riding down the road with the windows down & the music blasting | snuggling & playing with our pups | OREOS | The feeling I get after working out (its getting motivated to workout I have a problem with) | Long chats with my mom | Dreaming about more home decor/improvement projects | Water (yeah I know..a little weird) | Popcorn | Gardening

I love to read/listen to others about what they are doing with their kids and their lives. Whether that is travel photos, kid activity ideas (because we all know an activity last about .30sec before they are on to the next thing), and home decor photos/inspiration.

Don't Be A Stranger

See what we are doing daily–sometimes hourly–on Instagram, what I dream about doing on Pinterest, join our mom group on Facebook,  or just send me an email and let me know what type of post you want to see at [email protected]followingthejordans.com or click the contact us button below.

Thanks for being here mama, I know your time is precious. I appreciate it!- Brittany

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