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Hi there! I’m Brittany

I’m a blogger who shows content creators and mamas how to blog. This way, they can expand their reach, make a full-time income, and have a job they LOVE while only working a couple of hours each week.


Sit. Stand. Read on the go.
Here's a little bit about me.

"Your not alone!"

I needed to hear this, so I decided to create that sense of community for other moms.

I’m a small-town mama of 3 who wanted to create a realistic view of motherhood. Not the perfect, clean house with kids who never scream. 

It’s the butts to wipe and mouths to feed. Toys that cause toe stubs. Half-eaten snacks baked into couch cushions. Laundry piles that kiss the ceiling.

But there was more to this lightbulb moment. I was in the dark days, struggling with postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. Being ‘relatable’ wasn’t my goal, it was my necessity. Blogging let me connect with other moms during a trying time. 

And I started feeling less alone.


I can make money?

As my blog picked up steam, I started sharing family travel and my favorite Amazon finds. I went from mama on a mission → to connect blogger on a mission → to create community around too-real  topics like traveling with kids, breastfeeding, and makin’ it through all aspects  of motherhood. 

It was a safe community. It was also consistent income. Through affiliate links and brand partnerships, I was matching my full-time income each month.

So naturally, the DMs started flowing in, Brittany, howwww? Teach me your ways. Tell me all the things. How do you link products? How much are you making? How long do you spend blogging each day? 

I sat down, answered everyone one-by-one, then realized: Hey, I could teach this.

working on laptop
Brittany Jordan with following the jordans

Helping other women make $$$

by working a couple of hours a week.

Whether you’re a mom, a content creator, or someone who can benefit from a little extra cash in your pocket – Blogging is the answer.

As I was giving out free advice in the DMs, I realized many people didn’t know the true power of blogging. The ability to make 4-figs after only a few months of consistency. The fact that you OWN your site. You sure as heck don’t own your social media channels. How it only takes a few hours a week to run. That it’s a really fun way to express yourself and connect with your people.

So I took all of the goodness. The step-by-step for setting up a blog, getting brand partnerships, and making money + put it into my signature course, Becoming The Blogger.

"I started my business because I wanted to connect with other mamas who get it. Now, I show other mamas how to get it by making a full-time salary while blogging for just a few hours a week."

A Snapshot

of How I Got Here


I was working as a nurse.


Had my first baby, Vin.          


Had my sassy girl, Lexi.


Left nursing to become a stay-at-home mom, started my blog.


My youngest, Callum, is a suprise baby.


Milestone: 1,000 visitors to the blog!


Hit my first full-time income month. 

One of my posts made it to the 1st page of google.


Last month, the blog got 25,000 visitors 

- talk about community

Meet My Fam

My Hubby

I married my high school sweetheart.

Vincent (Vin)

He gets his kind heart from dad.

Alexia (Lexi)

Beautiful, independent, and so straightforward. 


Terrible 2’s were brutal, but he has a heck of a personality!


5 dogs, chickens, ducks, a bearded dragon, a nurse shark (yes, really!), and a tortoise.

OH, and Vin catches the occasional toad, fish, or tadpole. 

Our family is full!

Behind the Blogger

Hey, Brittany here. Here are some fun facts about me.

  • Oreos are the best cookie. Fight me.
  • Home improvement projects light me up.
  • The feeling I get after working out is A+. The motivation to do it? Haha, different story.
  • I enjoy cooking, but only when all of the ingredients fall into my lap.
  • Reading, traveling, and shopping are my JAM.
  • I love car rides with the window down + my hair flying all over the place.


A full-time income with less than a few hours a week of work? If that’s the dream, come sit by me.

Becoming the Blogger shows women like you how to start a successful blog, keep at it, and see results in a matter of months. If you’ve ever wanted to work less, make more, and connect with your favorite people – then it’s time to put on your running shoes and get your booty into this  easy-to-follow, results-driven course. 

Meet me on the blog

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Where are we heading?


It’s time to become the blogger who works less and makes cash.

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