I Got Pregnant with an IUD

I got my Copper IUD place November 2017 and in February 2019 I was pregnant.

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The Day I Found Out

Super Bowl Sunday 2019, my husband and I were finishing up some of the big stickers of the NFL teams we had gotten for our Super Bowl Party (we host every year). I must have been pretty snappy, because he said “Why are you so grumpy? Are you pregnant?” I replied with full confidence “no I’m not, I have an IUD.” As the day went on I caught myself asking “when was my last period?” “could I be?” in my head. That next morning (Monday), I pulled a couple of pregnancy test out from under my sink. 2 pink lines on both. 

This can’t be true. I had started back at the gym and I was FINALLY getting myself back. We had talked about having a third, but my husband said he was done. I was unsure…but now that its happening I am crying? Why am I crying?

Called my husband and said “nope, no way I can be pregnant with an IUD in place. I don’t believe them. They are probably old” as I drove as quick as I could to the closest store to get one of those Clear Blue ones, ya know the ones that tell you pregnant or not pregnant. Sure enough, they said yes as well. At this point I called my doctor, and they asked me “Are you sure? You have an IUD.”

YES I AM SURE. I HAVE 5 PREGNANCY TEST LAYING ON MY COUNTER. (not to mention I didn’t remember the last time I had a period). They told me to come in immediately. So I was seen that afternoon.

The doctor came in and said “Congratulations, you are the 0.01%”. IUD’s are usually an extremely good birth control with over a 99% success rate of preventing pregnancy, but not this one. He laid out all the pros and cons of taking the IUD out vs leaving it in. They took labs to see check the pregnancy and they did an ultrasound to see if it was ectopic (getting pregnant with an IUD can cause that apparently). We were given all the stats on the what if’s and then an appointment was made for 3 days later. At that time they would check the levels again, do another ultrasound, and then our decision would have to be made.

As we got into the car. I cried and I cried. Each time that I had been pregnant before, was because we were trying and planning on having a baby. This time was not. This was a surprise.

3 Days Later

Everything was checked and everything was fine. They were ready to remove the IUD and again told me the risks associated with it, but also that the benefits outweighed the risk. I didn’t know what to say. I was still in shock. The doctor looked at me and asked if I was okay. I am not sure what I said, but I do remember the thoughts going around in my head.

Yes, of course the thoughts of Did I want another child? and What will that look like? were in my mind, but what was really in there was frightening.

I had depression after my first two births. The second was the worst. It hit hard. So hard that at times I didn’t want to hold my daughter. That is what scared me the most about being pregnant again for a third time. What if it happened again? What if it was worse? What if I didn’t make it through it?

As I cried and blurted out my fears, my doctor gave me a hug. He told me that it was okay. That unplanned pregnancies (really anything in life) can take time to come to terms with. To be okay with. He told me that we could start depression the day of delivery, or even before if I needed it. And as I took in all this information, I agreed to having the IUD taken out.

It was uncomfortable to say the least. The IUD was almost exactly where it was suppose to be. But still failed me.


After the IUD removal, for the next few days I worried endlessly about having a miscarriage as that can sometimes be a side effect. Thankfully that did not happen. However, I did continue to cry. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I was around 24 weeks pregnant
How we announced we were pregnant and having a boy!

I would question how we would do things, if it was the right thing to do by having a third, would we be splitting our time with our kids too much, would I have enough of me to go around. Finally round the 5 month mark, I stopped. I stopped crying. I stopped second guessing. This was happening and it was meant to happen. After we announced our pregnancy and having a boy at the same time, I felt better. I felt like it was all going to work out. That I was going to be okay after this pregnancy. Callum chose me and I am so thankful he did.


To read Callum’s Birth Story click here 🙂

Have you ever heard of anyone getting pregnant with an IUD? Surprisingly I know two others that have! Talk about odds 😉

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