The Best (and cheap!) At Home Date-Night Ideas

We all have been cooped up at home with our spouses and kids. Let’s be honest, its been tough. Sometimes really tough. Having kids is such a joy, but can make date-nights pretty difficult. However, date-night is possible and is important.

You follow the same cycle over and over each and every day – work, clean, wrangle the kids, sleep, work, clean, wrangle the kids, sleep. A date-night can spark excitement in your relationship whether you have been together for 1 month or 15 years. You know what they say, “never stop dating”.

If your in need of an idea to take your Netflix and chill evenings up a notch, then keep on reading because I’ve got you covered. Pick an idea, pencil in date-night on that empty calendar and enjoy!

Classic Movie & Dinner

This will always be a favorite. Change it up from the usual Netflix show and pick a new movie. Pop some popcorn, grab a few snacks and pour your favorite soda. Hold hands throughout the movie like you would on a high-school date.

If you want to fancy this date-night idea up a bit, here are a few ideas:

  • Use a projector (this one even comes with the screen and has over 9K reviews!) to project a movie on a screen or just on a wall. If your outside takes some cozy blankets to snuggle up in under the stars.
  • Fix a meal together and pick a movie that is the same theme of the meal
  • Watch your first “movie date” film.
  • Dress up like you would if you were going out!

Cook Together

Look up a new recipe to try together or make up a recipe using items you have at the house. Both ideas are super fun. If your both into desserts-pick a new dessert to make (the tasting part….yummm!)

Have A Picnic-Adult Edition

Whether your having a picnic under the stars, under a blanket fort in your living room, or out in the front yard, this date-night idea is a sweet and fun way to change up your average meal. Grab your favorite bottle of wine (or sparkling juice) and connect over sandwiches and fruit. You can add add in some candles for a more romantic feel.

If you’re outside, look up the app SkyView to find the constellations together.

Have A Spa Experience

Everyone appreciates being pampered a little bit. For this date-night we are turning up the heat. Set the mood by lighting candles or diffusing oils. Turn on soft music or relaxing sounds. You can even infuse water with lemons to really get a spa experience.

Take turns using oils or lotions to give each other foot massages, back rubs or head massages. Try a facial using a warm washcloth and cucumbers!

Massages not your thing? Try a warm bubble bath together (if the tub is big enough) or even just standing in a steamy shower together.

Play Video Games

Pull out the old Nintendo 360 or turn on the latest Playstation, Wii, Nintendo Switch etc. Even if you don’t like video games, your partner will appreciate that you are doing something they like to do.

It can be fun to be on the same team, but to add a little friendly competitiveness and try out a racing game or a battle game. Our favorites are: Mario Cart, Just Dance, and Super Smash Bros.

Create Your Own Adventure Book

This can be done virtually or on pen and paper. Talk about where you want to go, what you want to see and do. It’s so fun to imagine all the places and adventures you will go on together one day. Pinterest is a great place to do this since you can pin all the ideas to one board.

Create Your Own Dream Board

Talk about what you want to accomplish together in the next 5, 10, 15 years. What do you want your life to look like? The best way to work towards a goal is to dream together. Another great Pinterest idea!

It’s all about spending quality time together, reconnecting, and communicating. Date-nights can become crucial to keeping the flame lit, making goals together and having fun. I am challenging you to make date-night a priority in your relationship.

There is no wrong way to have a date-night. Do what works for you.

Put your kids to bed early tonight and forget that your favorite restaurant isn’t open for dining. Date-Night at home just became your new favorite thing!

Pick an idea, pencil in date-night on that empty calendar and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “The Best (and cheap!) At Home Date-Night Ideas”

  1. Carrie Chappell

    Love these ideas! One of our favorites now is to order take out with a twist. We both have to try something brand new!

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