8 Best Things to Do at Holden Beach with Kids

Every year, we head to Holden Beach at least once with our family. It’s not too far from our home, so it’s the perfect weekend (and week) destination, and even though it’s not the famous Myrtle Beach, there are plenty of things to do at Holden Beach with kids.

Let’s talk about Holden Beach.

If you’re looking for a wild and crazy beach vacation, Holden Beach might not be for you. It’s located above Myrtle Beach, close to Ocean Isle; you need to drive over 30 minutes to get to Myrtle Beach.

That means the drive to North Myrtle is do-able, and many lists include those as things to do at Holden Beach, but I won’t. While we typically do enjoy Myrtle Beach at least one of the days when we are at Holden Beach, it’s not why we are there.

We want to chill and relax, beaching as much as possible. So, if that’s the type of vacation you want, here are some of the things to do at Holden Beach with kids.

8 Best Things to Do at Holden Beach with Kids

1. Beach It Up!

The main reason we go to Holden Beach is to enjoy the beach. We always visit with our family, and we take all the time possible to soak up the rays together.

When you visit Holden Beach, rent a family beach house; these are right on the shore. So, when you walk off your deck, you’re right at the beach. This is perfect for families with little kids – US! – who needs to be able to put kids down for naps but still be close.

Unlike other beach destinations, Holden Beach is rarely busy. You feel like you have the beach to yourself.

2. Go Fishing at the Fishing Pier

If you love fishing like we do, I suggest you spend time at the Holden Beach Fishing Pier. The fishing is actually really good; we all catch a bunch of things. You can even catch small sharks.

The kids all love to fish, making this one of their favorite things to do at Holden Beach.

Oh, don’t forget, you also can fish on the beach. We typically do this in the evening when the kids are going to bed. We’ve caught some different fish; it’s so fun, and it’s right outside the back door of our beach house.

3. Check Out Mermaid’s Island Grill

If you’re looking for yummy places to eat at Holden Beach with your family, Mermaid’s Island Grill is a must-visit. They have some of the most delicious crab cakes I’ve ever had, and their fresh-cut fries are to die for – seriously.

We’ve eaten there several times, so I can tell you what’s really good. We love their pulled pork served with coleslaw, and I love their calabash shrimp. You can’t go wrong with those dishes.

Best of all, their prices aren’t insane. Many vacation places are really high priced, especially with kid meals, but they’re priced similar to what we pay at restaurants near our home.

4. Try Out a Fishing Charter

Speaking of fishing, this year, we went out on a fishing charter.

Oh my goodness guys, we had SUCH an amazing time. Fishing charters are family friendly, but if you only have little kids, I wouldn’t bring them. You want to be able to fish too!

These charters take you further out into the ocean (but not crazy far out) and let you fish. Most charters provide you with all the gear you need for deep-sea fishing, but make sure you ask before you go.

Even if you aren’t a serious fishermen, I promise, you’ll have tons of fun.

5. Go Mini Golfing with Your Kids

If your kids are like mine, then they love to mini golf. On Holden Beach, you can check out the Treasure Island Miniature Golf. It’s one of the best family-friendly things to do on Holden Beach, plus it’s pretty budget friendly.

Unlike some mini-golf locations, there aren’t any tough places to walk or golf. I don’t want to call it basic; it’s fun for the kids without being too complex.

Your kids will have a blast!

6. Ride Bikes!

If you’ve visited Holden Beach or any other surrounding beach town, you know that riding bikes is a big thing. We love biking with our kids, and renting bikes is cheap.

We don’t rent bikes the entire time, but the rental shops even have little hitches for the back so you can pull your kids with you. This year, we biked a few times to go get ice cream in the evening.

It’s such a good time and makes me thankful for all the hours I spend bicycling at home when my kids are napping!

7. Visit Magic Mountain Fun Park

Don’t want to beach for the day? Head over to Magic Mountain Fun Park. There are tons of water slides and things for your kids to enjoy for the day. They also have mini-golf, an indoor arcade, and an ice cream shop.

Even though the beach is my happy place, my kids like a bit of variety. They enjoy heading to Magic Mountain and sliding down the different slides.

Compared to other water parks, I think this is fairly budget-friendly, and they let you bring coolers inside with food. That helps you save a bit of money.

8. Try the Swamp Park

Looking for an adventurous date night idea or have older kids? Hit up the Swamp Park. This is a zip line and ATV park with tons to do.

There are biplane tours, guided ATV tours, and swamp boat ecotours. They also have an aerial adventure park to enjoy with 53 levels with different levels of difficulty.

It’s definitely somewhere we could spend an entire day if we don’t have our kids. I can’t wait until they’re older and we can take our kids on a few of the zip line tours.

Have Fun at Holden Beach!

While you might not have a wild vacation here, I can tell you that there are plenty of things to do at Holden Beach, and your family will have a memorable trip together.

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