Curb Walking: Will It Make Me Go into Labor?

When you reach the last weeks in your pregnancy, you’ll start looking for natural ways to induce labor. Most women feel ready by this time in their pregnancy to meet their new baby, and one way you can get things started is by curb walking.

I know when I reached 38 weeks, I felt like I was ready to get the baby to come out. Chances are you’re looking up all the tips and tricks to induce labor, and walking on curbs is one of those things that seem practical.

It’s better than trying to eat four pineapples!

Curb walking is straightforward and easy to do, so if you want to try something to get things moving, keep reading to find out how to get things started.

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What is Curb Walking?

Curb walking is as easy as it sounds. You walk with one foot on the curb and one foot on the street. You can do it in either direction or find the direction that feels the most comfortable.

Walking helps prepare your body for labor, encouraging your baby to get into a better position. Walking on curbs does the same, and it gets you active outside.

However, make sure you talk to your doctor before you start curb walking since you want to make sure it’s safe to start natural induction methods. You should always walk with a partner since you have an uneven gait and you have to shift your body weight with each step.

It’s best to have someone with you to prevent falling over!

How Can Curb Walking Help Induce Labor?

Are you wondering how curb walking helps to induce labor?

Walking on curbs helps poster your baby to encourage labor to begin for a few reasons.

  • Gravity helps get your baby slip into a deeper position on your pelvis, finding the perfect laboring position.
  • Curb walking opens your pelvis, shifting your baby downward in a gradual movement.
  • Your baby’s head applies gentle pressure on your cervix, encouraging the dilation and effacement process. The more your baby’s weight is on your pervix, the sooner you start dilating.

Regular walking helps get your baby into a good birthing position, but walking on curbs opens your pelvis more. It’s said to be a more effective way to shift your baby downward.

How to Curb Walk to Induce Labor

Curb walking is easier than you think, and it helps when you need to start contracting more consistently or need your baby to get into a better position. Sometimes, it’s what you need to get things moving in the right direction.

Here’s how to get started – I swear it’s so easy!

  1. First, put one foot on the curb in whichever direction you prefer. Then, put your other foot on the ground or street.
  2. Start walking! This process opens your pelvis, giving your baby space to descend. Your baby’s head goes deeper into your pelvis, leading to more pressure.
  3. Continue walking for 10 minutes on the curb.
  4. Try going in both directions, alternating legs. If you find one direction that feels more comfortable, stick with that side.

What to Do if You Don’t Live in an Area with Curbs

Some neighborhoods don’t have curbs, so what are you going to do then? Or, maybe it’s in the middle of the winter with snow on the ground – no curb walking then.

Don’t worry; here are some suggestions!

  1. Use Stairs: The first thing you can do is try going up and down the stairs. Doing so opens your pelvis, similar to curb walking.
  2. Wear a Single High Heel Shoe: Wearing a single high heel shoe gives you the same uneven height that you experience from curb walking.
  3. Use a Short Stool: Another option is try doing some step-ups on a short stool, but you’ll want to brace yourself for some stability.

Will Walking on Curbs Make Me Go into Labor?

It’s important to know that walking and curb walking are effective methods to get your baby to move in the right direction, but it won’t push your body into labor if your body isn’t ready to deliver.

One of the best times to use curbs is when you’re having mild contractions. It can help turn inconsistent contractions into consistent ones if you walk on curbs for 5 to 10 minutes.

We all know how it feels to be ready to have your baby. Once you’re 39 weeks, it’s a great time to start walking on curbs around your neighborhood to try to get your baby into the optimal position for birth!

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