Motherhood Encouragement Books and Journals

Motherhood can be hard. As mothers, we still have to be a mom when we are stressed, tired, depressed, burnt out, crying, and struggling. Mother’s are superheroes. We keep going.

If you need some tips on how to manage your mental health, I rounded up my favorite tips here.

This year I have intentionally spent time reading Mom Up and Mom Set Free and let me tell you, they are eye opening.

Mom Set Free by Jeannie Cunnion is heart changing. It pushes you to trust your faith and lifts the weight of “being enough” off your shoulders. I am currently reading Mom Up by Jamie Ivey ,and she is teaching me how to thrive in the stage of motherhood I am in.

Today, my new I Brushed My Hair journal came in ,and I can’t wait to start writing down one joyful moment a day. Have you heard of “one line a day journaling?” I share more about it here, the benefits and how I am implementing it into my routine.

I am writing one line a day at the end of the day – something that brought me joy that day. Yesterday was “Vin taught me how to play Minecraft and shared his pearls with me.” This may not seem like a big deal now, but when I can look back at this little moment that we shared today, I will smile, knowing that he taught me something he is passionate about and knowing that I took the time to sit down to learn and play with him. We often over think the things our kids ask us to do, but it truly can be that simple.

Motherhood shouldn’t be all about surviving (although some times it is).

Let’s THRIVE in motherhood.

ENJOY motherhood.

EMBRACE motherhood.

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My Top Picks for Motherhood Encouragement Books & Journals

Below are some of my favorite books for encouragement and journals for moms. Just click on the photo to shop. You can also shop my Amazon picks here.

Some days I don’t have any patience, and some days I am so calm I think I have it figured out.

Some days I feel so unnoticed for everything I do, while other days I feel so important in my role as a mother.

Other days, I feel like a bad mom, some days I feel like the best mom in the world.

Motherhood feels like both.

While I love being a parent-it can be really hard sometimes. It is okay to say it out loud. It is okay to say you don’t love it all the time. But mama, you were put on this world to be a Mother- there is no doubt about it. Put one foot in front of the other and keep going, you got this!

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