6 Best Sex Positions to Induce Labor

Is your due date almost here or passed? You might be looking for natural ways to tell your baby it’s time to come out, and most women try to induce labor with sex. So, if you’re giving it a try, you need to know the best sex positions to induce labor.

It’s hard to find time to have sex when you’re about to have a baby. By the time the end of the day arrives, you’re ready to pass out, but while true studies on this topic are still limited and not conclusive, having intimate time with your partner may be the ticket to an empty womb.

In most cases, sex is safe for women, but that can’t be said for all natural induction methods.

You may see recommendations for castor oil, but it has conflicting safety advice. No one truly wants to eat three pineapples in one session – and suffer from the tummy problems that causes.

So, if you’re ready to meet your baby and want to see how to use sex to induce labor, let’s take a look at what sex positions may work the best for you.

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Does Sex Really Induce Labor?

Your doctor may not be able to tell you for sure that sex will induce labor, but mothers all over the world will tell you that it worked for them. The evidence doesn’t prove one way or another, and as long as sex is deemed safe by your doctor, why not have a bit of fun seeing if it worked!

How Does Sex Induce Labor?

Do you wonder how sex works to induce labor?

Many people assume that it’s the penetrating and thrusting that induce labor, but that’s not the reason. Sperm contains high levels of prostaglandins, a substance that helps ripen the cervix. Prostaglandins are fatty acids that act like hormones that help with effacing and dilation. Once your cervix is ripe, labor begins.

Doctors often use a synthetic prostagladin, such as misoprostol, that will ripen cervixes during medical inductions.

Sex also helps to induce labor because orgasms release oxytocin in your body. You may not know that pitocin, which is used during labor inductions, is an artificial form of oxytocin. So, having orgasms during labor may be enough to jumpstart labor.

You might have already noticed that!

A lot of women have contractions after sex because orgasms cause your uterus to contract. Those post-climax contractions are often strong; you might have a few afterward that fizzle out over a short period, but if your body is ready for labor, it may be enough to jump start the fire!

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Will Sex Always Work?

The downside is that sex won’t always work to induce labor. Most women have intercourse all throughout their pregnancy, even towards the end off of it, and never go into labor.

It’s not a definitive way to induce labor by any means, and doctors aren’t sure why it works for some women but not others.

However, when looking at natural ways to induce labor, sex is one of the safest ways to try without any risks.

6 Best Sex Positions to Induce Labor

1. Cowgirl

One of the best sex positions to induce labor is cowgirl; women love this position because you have full control over the depth of penetration and the overall pace. Your belly can’t get in the way, and your boobs won’t feel squeezed between your bodies.

Cowgirl gives your partner access to your breasts – in a good way – and every man loves this position.

2. Doggy Style

The most popular of the sex positions to induce labor is doggy style. There are plenty of ways to use this position while pregnant, like kneeling on the bed or leaning over a couch or chair.

Pregnant women often say that penetration from behind is the most comfortable; your pregnant belly won’t get in the way. However, deep penetration is often not comfortable, so communicate with your partner about what feels best for you!

3. Spooning

I know that finding a comfortable sex position in late pregnancy is hard; sometimes, it feels impossible. Spooning is when both partners lay on their side, and the woman is penetrated from the side.

Women typically aren’t encouraged to lay on their backs during pregnancy, so laying on your side is quite comfortable. You have less pressure on your uterus, and your belly won’t get in the way.

The only downside is spooning doesn’t allow for deep penetration. However, in late pregnancy, a lot of women aren’t the biggest fan of that anyway!

4. Hovering Butterfly

If you feel comfortable balancing or supporting yourself on a wall, the hovering butterfly may induce labor. It is also a great sex position to receive oral sex since laying flat on your back may not be comfortable.

5. Reverse Cowgirl

If you like regular cowgirl, try reversing it. You have all perks of traditional cowgirl with all the control and comfortable positioning. However, reverse cowgirl will stimulate your clitoris more because of the angle, which means you will orgasm easier.

You want all the orgasms possible to cause uterine contractions!

6. Masturbating

If your doctor says that penetration is not a good idea or you simply don’t have the energy for full sexual intercourse, masturbating may be enough to induce labor. The oxytocin from orgasms is the key to jump starting labor, and side-by-side masturbation helps you feel close without having sex.

We all know that sometimes sex is exhausting at the end of pregnancy. It’s hard to find a position that is comfortable, so if this is happening, don’t feel bad!

When to Avoid Sex in Late Pregnancy

Typically, sex in late pregnancy is not a problem, and unless your doctor tells you to avoid intercourse, it’s not risky or worrisome.

However, if you feel worried at all, talk to your doctor. It’s normal to worry that sex could cause your body to go into labor sooner than ready, but the chances are low.

Remember, it’s normal to have some minor contractions after an orgasms. In most cases, they end within an hour or two after intercourse.

Women with a history of premature labor or placenta issues may be told by their doctor to avoid sexual intercourse. Speak to your doctor to make sure it’s safe for you.

If you’re ready to give your baby the womb boot, then try these different sex positions to induce labor. Remember, it will only work if your body and your baby is ready to arrive Earthside!

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