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You Are Beautiful Mama

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted in my stories last week when Lexi told me that I was the woman on the tv screen. This woman had a flat stomach, perfect tanned skin, and beautiful long hair. I then posted a picture of what I looked like when she said that–3 day unwashed hair, (might as well give myself an oil treatment at this point), a tank top that had spit up on it and pajama shorts. I added sunglasses to the photo for fun since the woman on the TV had sunglasses on. Did I think I looked like her? HECK NO—FAR FAR FROM IT, but Lexi did. You see, our children don’t care what our hair looks like or what we are wearing. They don’t care what we weigh or if we have rolls when we sit down. (Actually they don’t even think about those things). They think we are awesome and beautiful just the way we are. *cue Bruno Mars*

Celebrate Your “Mom Bod”

When you become a mom you change. Your body changes. You start to put a tiny new person/persons in front of all your needs. You might stop putting on make up, or buying new clothes. You might stop going to the gym, or painting your nails. However, take a moment and look at that amazing woman in the mirror staring back at you. She might have bags under her eyes from waking up with a crying baby all night, but she was the home to that incredible miracle for 9 months. She deserves to be celebrated. She deserves to be loved. She deserves to feel beautiful.

So mama, start loving and rocking that “Mom Bod” (because they are badass). Focus on seeing yourself through your children’s eyes for a day. See yourself as a beautiful and amazing mama, because YOU ARE. Be dang proud of who you are and what you look like because your kids are—and that is what matters.

I know that mommin’ is hard, stressful and tiring. And then its incredible. And then its really freaking hard. And then its spectacular. And then its everything in-between. However, I know we wouldn’t change it for the world.

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