15 Best Places to Stay on 30 A, Florida

If you want a dream getaway location in the United States, head down to the Emerald Coast and check out the 18 mile stretch of highway called 30 A. You’ll find all sorts of little places to stay on 30 A with beautiful beaches and sugar-white sand. Each little community has a unique feel, so whether you want a couples getaway or a family weekend trip, you’ll find the right place on 30A.

Despite all of these places to stay on 30 A, each community has its own personality and flair. Picking the right vacation experience matters for your family.

Are you looking for an outdoorsy vacation? Do you want to feel like you’re in a secluded location? Or, are you looking for some hustle and bustle with your family?

What you prefer is all up to you, so let’s look at the different communities along 30 A in Florida.

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15 Best Places to Stay on 30 A, Florida

Scenic 30A has picturesque communities, each with a different feel. The highway – 30 A – is located at the east end of Florida’s Panhandle. Some people refer to this area as Redneck rivera, but this is not a redneck area. Instead, 30A is a mixture of luxurious condos, quaint cottages, and fun family spots.

Sounds like a dream location, right?

1. Seaside

Seaside is a family destination with a charming, small-town feel, and it’s one of the best known 30A towns. This town created a movement called New Urbanism, and you’ll find adorable pastel-colored homes, white picket fences, and cobblestone streets here. You’ll feel like you are in the cutest town!

There is plenty to do when visiting Seaside. Bud & Alley’s Restaurant is a popular destination for tourists, and the town hosts movies under the stars at the local Amphitheater regularly. Families flock to Seaside since it’s never short of activities to enjoy, and everyone loves Frost Bites.

Seaside is an iconic location along the 30 A, and there is no shortage of places to stop. They have food trucks located in town, and don’t forget the gorgeous water and sand as well.

2. Seagrove

It’s hard not to love Seagrove Beach with its laidback, luxurious vibe. You’ll feel like you are on a retreat on this 30A beach.

Seagrove sits between other communities and is considered the “heart” of this vibrant area in Florida. It features upscale neighborhoods with pristine, white sand beaches, coastal dunes, and all the water sports you want. If you’re looking for one of the places to stay on 30 A for your family to real and connect together, Seagrove is just that.

3. Watercolor Beach

Do you prefer a location with things to do or see all over the places? Watercolor located along 30 A is that for you. You’ll find shops, restaurants, and spas around every corner and gorgeous buildings. The town is full of family-friendly activities to each with your kids whether you want to spend the day on the beach or enjoy some paddleboarding.

Since Watercolor is close to Seaside, this is a great destination if you want to be near the action but also want to spend time in a place that’s a little less crowded.

4. Grayton Beach

You don’t want to miss Grayton Beach when deciding the best places to stay on 30 A. This town is truly the heart and soul of 30 A; it’s a laidback town with live oaks, white-sand beaches, and local shops you’ll love.

While visiting Grayton Beach, check out all the galleries and restaurants with live music and dancing. If you want a bit of adventure, try off-roading on the sand dunes, or take it easy one night with a beach bonfire. Families love this beach on 30 A.

One interesting point about Grayton Beach is that it’s the only location along the 30A where visitors may drive and park vehicles on the sand. That’s a perk for those hitting up Grayton Beach State Park for paddle boarding and kayaking. The coastal dune lake located in Grayton Beach gives you water access to Watercolor, so grab that kayak and head over!

5. Seacrest

Seacrest is known for being a laidback, easy-going beach community that is easy to explore by foot or by bike (rentals are available). Check out the local eateries, take your kids to the splash pads at Peddlers Pavilion, or hike trails at Deer Lake State Park.

Outdoor loving families love Seacrest; there are tons of hiking and biking trails. One of the most popular is the 18 mile Timpoochee Trail, a beloved bike trail perfect for families.

6. Gulf Place

Gulf Place gives you the beach, eat, and play experience, perfect for families and couples seeking a bit of fun. The location is bikeable and easy to zip around as you check out all the shops and restaurants. The town’s amphitheater is close to gorgeous waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and live music is often hosted here.

Start your day with a bike ride, and visitors love the Shunk Gulley – a delicious restaurant that has some of the best sunset views. Gulf Place is a newer location along 30 A, so it has the modern vibe.

7. Blue Mountain Beach

Blue Mountain Beach is a showstopper with gorgeous sights. This beach is named after all the blue lupine flowers in the area. Visitors love the casual vibe with gorgeous Gulf views.

This beach offers plenty of places to stay like luxurious homes or beach condos, perfect for families. It’s less crowded than popular nearby destinations like Destin; you’ll find quaint cottage style homes and gorgeous views.

Make sure you stop at the Blue Mountain Beach Creamery; the homemade ice cream is legendary. Visitors love La Lobas Bakery, Stinky’s Fish Camp, and Local Catch.

8. Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach is definitely a top favorite for those looking for a romantic getaway with long stretches of white sandy beaches and candy-colored homes. This little community has a “French Quarter,” small town vibe with intimate restaurants, boutique shops, and gorgeous emerald waters. Whether you want to take an offshore fishing charter or catch a relaxing massage, you’ll love Rosemary Beach.

Rosemary Beach offers even more to visitors. You’ll find tennis courts, community pools, and a large town center. Plus, this spot offers a large array of recreational activities to enjoy during your stay.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice the best way to get around is to bike; everyone bikes here. Rent a bike and cruise this community!

9. Water’s Edge

Some people miss Water’s Edge; it feels like a secret along the 30 A. Water’s Edge is a private, beachfront, gated community within Seacrest Beach, so it’s a community within a community.

This means you get all of the benefits of Seacrest and Rosemary Beach, which is within close walking distance, and get one of the most exclusive spots along the Gulf Coast.

10. Santa Rosa Beach

Never heard of Santa Rosa Beach? You’re missing out! Travel & Leisure named Santa Rosa one of the best towns in America.

Golfer flock to this beach; you’ll find a world-class golf course near the beach here, along with excellent cuisine and fantastic views of the coast. Santa Rosa also has a plethora of shopping and attractions.

11. WaterHouse

Here is another private area inside of Seacrest – WaterHouse. These are high-end condos in a gated community between Seaside Beach and Rosemary Beach. You’re right on the Gulf shore but feel like you’re living the life of luxury.

WaterHouse features a rooftop spa and pool, community grills, and all the upscale appliances and furnishing you could want. If you want to hide away while finding a place to stay on 30 A, WaterHouse is a great option.

12. Dune Allen Beach

Those looking to get away from it all will love Dune Allen, a quiet retreat for those needing to escape reality. You’ll find three coastal dune lakes and a nature preserve here; you can embrace time in the great outdoors.

Families love the hiking trails Topsail Hill Preserve, and visit one of the rare coastal dune lakes. If you want a delicious place to catch a bite, go to Stinky’s Fish Camp; you’ll dine on the local catch of the day!

Dune Allen Beach is great for individuals and families seeking a quiet getaway. The location is close t areas with ample shopping and dining, but if those are lower on your must-have list for places to stay on 30 A, then Dune Allen may be the perfect place for you.

13. Prominence

Prominence is home to the Hub, a new development with the perfect family-friendly atmosphere. This community has a huge, resort-style pool, a fitness center, hammocks for chilling, and all of the shopping, dining, and live entertainment you could want.

You’ll make all sorts of memories here, and Prominence has a great location. It’s a short bike or shuttle ride to wherever you want to go.

14. WaterSound

If you want a private community experience, WaterSound is a new, private community located on the 30A on Santa Rosa Beach. This secluded piece of paradise has high-end accommodations and all the natural scenery of the Gulf Coast you could want.

The Hub is a popular place in Watertown; it has live music and a relaxed vibe. It’s known for the beautiful coastal cottage architecture, sand dunes, wooden bridges, a golf course, and several pools. Plus, they host all sorts of kid-friendly activities for families.

15. Alys Beach

Alas Beach has a unique aesthetic; this new developing community has a Bermuda architecture theme with luxurious motif. You feel like you stepped out into Greece, Antigua, or Bermuda rather than a Florida beach. Alys (pronounced Alice) Beach is home to all-white homes with tropical vibes.

Follow the cobblestone roads to find the white sand beaches of the Florida coast. It truly feels like you took an international vacation.

Alas beach features a large amphitheater with scheduled live music. The location has several parks, gourmet restaurants, and a large, private community pool with cabanas.

If you’re looking for a unique vacation in the United States, check out the scenic 30 A and all the amazing places to stay on 30 A, Florida. It’s worth a visit, and you’ll feel like you embarked on a vacation unlike anything else!

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