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25 Creative Family Halloween Costume Ideas You’ll Love

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I always enjoy putting together family Halloween costume ideas. Each year, we have a theme, and we all dress up to go trick or treating as a family.

I hope we continue this tradition for years!

If you’re looking for some inspiration for this year’s family Halloween costumes, I picked out some of my favorite ideas for this year. Get creative and have fun – best of all, many costumes are DIY and easy to make at home instead of sinking tons of money into costumes.

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25 Family Halloween Costume Ideas

1. A Family of Cactus

I cannot get over how adorable this costume idea is from The Overwhelmed Mommy! This is totally a DIY costume with zip-up outfits and string – I would totally do this with my kids!

2. Football Fans

Are you a family of football fans like we are? Then, this costume idea is perfect for you! Dress up like fans of your favorite football team – I bet you already have jerseys – and pick someone to be the referee aka MOM!

3. The Stone Age

Get prehistoric with your family and dress up like cave men.. and cave kids. The best thing is you can walk around barefoot and no one will say anything because what caveman really wore shoes?

4. The Addams Family

Who doesn’t love the Addam’s family? Their spooky vibes go perfectly with Halloween, and everything is easy to find. Throwing this look together takes no time.

If you love this idea, grab these items to put together the look.

5. Harry Potter

Harry, Hermione, and Dobby the Elf – the perfect Harry Potter costume for a family! Most of this family Halloween costume can be created with things you already have around your house, but Harry Potter costumes are abundant.

Grab a Harry Potter outfit, a Hermione costume, and an elf hat for kids.

6. A Family of Ghosts

One of our recent costumes was ghosts! This is one of the easiest costumes to put together, and everyone loves it. Grab these kid-friendly ghost costumes to make Halloween easier.

7. Mortal Kombat

Do your kids love Mortal Kombat? Kids, especially little boys, love to dress up like ninjas, and these are costumes you can find at most Halloween stores. I love to be crafty, but sometimes, you have to buy your costumes and reduce your stress.

8. Dive in as Scuba Divers

Here is a DIY family costume idea that everyone will love. The air packs are made with two liter bottles, and with a few extra accessories, everyone in your family becomes a scuba diver!

9. Super Mario Bros

Sometimes, when you have multiple kids, it’s hard to find the perfect family Halloween costume, but Super Mario Bros is the perfect idea. Mom and Dad can be Luigi and Mario, and the kids dress up like Bowser, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Yoshi – the best!

10. Toy Story

We dressed up like the characters from Toy Story after Callum was born, and it was a huge hit with our friends and family. One of the best things about dressing up like Toy Story characters is that finding costumes are easy to find. Grab a Jessie costume, Bo Peep, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear!

11. The Flintstones

The Flintstones are a TV show I grew up watching, so I think this makes an excellent family Halloween costume. It’s a costume that you can easily DIY; Bam-Bam is really just a baby in a diaper!

If you don’t feel crafty, grab the costumes here: FredWilmaPebblesBam-Bam

12. Beekeepers and Little Bees

This family Halloween costume is utterly adorable. Mom and Dad are beekeepers with their little bees. I think this would be super cute if you have multiples!

13. Lego Family

If your family loves Legos, then you need to dress up like Legos! Your kids will think this is hilarious – because it is !

14. Superheroes

Another classic family Halloween costume idea is to dress up like superheroes. Wonderwoman, Batman, Superman, and Spiderman – oh my! We absolutely love this Halloween theme.

15. Greek Gods

If you’re looking for a fun DIY family Halloween costume idea, turn your family into Greek Gods! Head over to Tell Love and Party to find the full DIY instructions and how to put this costume together.

16. Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is a classic family Halloween costume. All little girls need to dress up like Dorothy at least once in their life, complete with red ruby slippers. I considered this costume for my daughter – you can grab this Dorothy costume ready to go.

17. The Incredibles

Is your family a fan of the Incredibles? Grab a few Incredibles costumes and go together – it’s an awesome family Halloween costume idea.

18. Pandemic Essentials

After the last year and a half, it’s time for some humor, so dress up like the Pandemic Essentials – aka hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and masks.

Seriously, this is one for the books, and it brings the laughter we all need about the pandemic.

19. A Family of Trophies

This is an impressive costume but simple to put together. Everything is painted gold, and each person has a stand with their trophy display on it. It might not work for little kids, but if you have a family with older kids, this is a winner!

20. Mifflin – The Office!

Are you a big fan of The Office? Dress your family up like your favorite characters. From Michael to Pam and everyone in between, the ways that you could spin this costume idea is endless.

21. PJ Masks

Do your kids go crazy over PJ Masks? Dress up like the characters; it’s a costume idea that you can use for your entire family. Your kids will go crazy over this idea.

22. A Family Rock Band

Jam out with your family and pretend to be a family rock band for Halloween this year. Putting together this costume is easy; you’ll be able to find many things you need in your home around. Make a cardboard guitar for your kids to play as they go trick or treating.

23. Emojis

Who doesn’t love emojis? I know I use the poop emoji a few times a day as a parent because poop is part of my life, unfortunately.

24. Medieval Times


Welcome to your kingdom! Large families embrace this medieval costume idea. Dress your kids up like dragons, knights, princesses, and princes. It’s a family Halloween costume that everyone will love.

25. Tiger King and Carole Baskin

Bring back the Tiger King and Carole Baskin with their cool cats and kittens. Even if it’s not 2020 anymore, this costume is sure to make everyone laugh and enjoy trick or treating.

Coming up with the perfect family Halloween costume is a bit tricky – you want everyone to love their costumes! Use these ideas for inspiration for awesome costumes.

Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite family Halloween costume is!

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