34 Halloween Crafts & Activities That Kids Will Love

Halloween is one of my kids’ favorite holiday, and they love to make tons of fun Halloween crafts and activities. The more activities I find for them, the better. They would stay entertained for hours, and I don’t know about you but I love when my kids are entertained and being good.

Nothing better than happy kiddos!

I’m always on the lookout for new Halloween activities and crafts that my kids might enjoy. From making slime to baking donuts and everything in between, I put together a list of Halloween crafts your kiddos are sure to love.

34 Halloween Crafts and Fun for Kids

1. Frankenstein Candy Corn Craft

This candy corn Frankenstein craft is a cute and simple papercraft for kids. It’s made in the shape of candy corn – toddlers and preschoolers will love to make this.

2. Zombie Paper Plate Craft

Break out the paper plates and turn them into this fun zombie with just a few supplies and the printable template. This Halloween craft is sure to bring a lot of giggles and smiles from your kids.

3. Mason Jar Mummy Lantern

Use an old glass jar – like the ones for spaghetti sauce – and repurpose the jars into a fun mummy lantern. Your kids will love taking these in their bedroom and looking at them at night.

4. Pumpkin Popsicle Stick Craft

This popsicle stick pumpkin craft is a cute and fun fall pumpkin art project for kids! Grab a few simple materials and get crafty this Halloween with this fun project. We love any craft with popsicle sticks – they’re so cheap! My kids can make tons of these without breaking the bank.

5. Paper Plate Mummies

Make a few Paper Plate Mummies this Halloween! We made these with my son’s 1st grade class for a Halloween party activity and it was a big hit. They’re easy to make; trust me, your kids will want to make a few of these.

6. Glowing Jack O’ Lantern Craft for Kids

These glowing Jack-o’- Lanterns will look so cute lit up in your window! And that are a fun and easy craft for kids to make! If you need a project for your kids’ classes, I suggest giving this a try.

7. Halloween Bat Craft

This Halloween bat craft is perfect for kids, especially preschoolers! It uses a repurposed oatmeal container and there are also bat wings you can download and print to complete the craft. You could take it a bit further and add beans inside the container so your kids can shake it.

8. Egg Carton Spiders

If you have egg cartons, you can make this egg carton spider craft. Your kids will love to make these classic Halloween crafts – creepy crawly spiders!

9. TP Roll Monsters

I know you have extra toilet paper tubes around your house. Instead of tossing them out, use some paint, yarn, and eyes to make TP roll monsters. You also need some glue to hold the yarn down!

10. Toilet Tube Spider Crafts

Here’s another way to use up all of your empty toilet paper tubes – make spiders! You need popsicle sticks, glue, and eyes for this simple craft.

11. Flying Ghosts Garland

Have your kids help you decorate for Halloween by making this flying ghost garland. All you need is an old white sheet, some paper, string, and markers – I bet you have most of that in your house already.

12. Spooky Flower Craft

When I was thinking about Halloween craft ideas to do with my kids this year, this flower craft for Halloween was the one I got the most excited about.I love how they look like a handful of eyes staring at you. But even though they look awesome, they’re so simple to make.

13. Easy Fall Pumpkin Pom-Pom Craft

You always see on Halloween crafts lists painting pumpkins, which is always on our fall bucket list, but I never thought about gluing pom-poms to pumpkins. I think my daughter would love this craft the most – we are definitely trying it.

14. Witch Hat Popsicle Stick Craft

This quick and easy popsicle stick witch hat craft is perfect for kids of any age. All you need are a handful of simple craft supplies to put this adorable Halloween craft together with your little ones. I told you that getting popsicle sticks is a good idea – so many ways to use them!

15. Pumpkin Paper Plate Purse for Halloween

Paper plates are another cheap material that you need to have on hand to make all sorts of Halloween crafts. Check out this simple tutorial to turn paper plates into a pumpkin paper plate purse!

16. Halloween Bingo

Do you love celebrating Halloween either on your own, with family, or with friends who come over? You can play bingo, vote for your favorite trick-or-treater costumes and talk about some fun Halloween trivia! My kids love to play bingo all the time, so I know I’ll find plenty of ways to use these printables.

17. Printable Truth or Scare Trivia Questions

Get kids in the holiday spirit with this fun truth or scare game! These are silly Halloween inspired questions and scares that’ll make kids laugh! If you’re hosting a party, I would totally print these out and use them as an activity.

18. Halloween I Spy Printable

Your kids will have a blast with this Halloween I Spy activity! It’s free to download and will provide them with a fun and challenging activity. 

19. Printable Halloween Movie Bucket List

I love all Halloween movies; one of our favorite traditions is binging movies together. Print out this free Halloween movie bucket list and prepare to watch all the best movies out there.

20. Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Use these two free scavenger hunts for kids of different age. It’s a great way to get kids moving and enjoy some holiday fun! I love scavenger hunts to keep my kiddos entertained and busy.

21. Oozing Blood Slime Recipe

Let’s get a bit creepy with some oozing blood slime! This is a borax-free recipe, and the texture will make your kids happy. If you have older kids, I guarantee they’ll think this is so fun!

22. Monster Halloween Slime

This DIY Halloween Monster Slime is fun to make and is safe to use. It’s also nontoxic and uses washable glue. You can change up the things that you add inside of the slime to make it even creepier.

23. Vampire Slime for Halloween

Here’s another fun Halloween slime that your kids will love – vampire slime. The ingredients are borax-free, and the tutorial gives you all sorts of things to add into the slime for fun.

24. Edible Candy Corn Slime

Yes, you CAN be a fun mom while encouraging the kids NOT to eat too much candy! Instead, use that Halloween candy to make a fun edible gummy bear slime or this stretchy edible candy corn slime.

25. Fluorescent Slime

Can you tell my kids love slime? I’m always looking for new slime ideas, and I know my kids will love this fluorescent slime recipe. Read the ingredients on the tutorial and make sure you grab a blacklight!

26. Skeleton Sensory Activity

Need some inspiration for Halloween sensory activities? This Skeleton Sensory Activity is perfect for the spooky season or even as part of an anatomy-themed learning unit.

27. Halloween Sensory Bottles

These Halloween sensory bottles are fun to make as a Halloween kids craft or calm-down tool. This tutorial shows you how to make three different types of Halloween sensory bottles.

28. Candy Catapult

Build a Candy Catapult this Halloween for a fun STEM activity for the kids! Turn it into a fantastic game as kids aim and launch their candies into cauldrons. You know your kids will love this activity.

29. Pumpkin Life Cycle Activity

Don’t throw out your rotting pumpkin. Instead, use it for a fascinating STEM experiment about decomposition and life cycles. I bet you never knew that this could be educational, but take a look at this tutorial. Kids will learn so much!

30. Frankenstein Peeps Edible Mad Scientist

Grab some Halloween peeps and follow the directions for this science experiment. It’s edible, so your kids can eat them. Sometimes, playing with your food is fun.

31. Monster Donuts

Invite your kid’s friends over for a donut decorating party and make monster donuts together! This is a fun activity for kids of all ages, and they get to be creative and have fun at the same time. Who doesn’t love donuts?!

32. Halloween Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

Need a fun Halloween activity for your kids? Make these easy and delicious sour cream sugar cookies that you can cut into spooky shapes, then have fun decorating them with the cream cheese frosting! My kids love decorating cookies, and we typically only do that during Christmas. I’m excited to try this during Halloween this year!

33. Halloween Cakesicles

These Halloween cakesicles are a super fun and cute Halloween treat! They are the perfect snack for a spooktacular party or as wonderful home made trick or treat candy. My kids would go crazy over these.

34. Halloween Sugar Bread

Here’s another Halloween activity your kids will love – making Halloween sugar bread. You can decorate the sugar bread spooky or adorable – whatever you want. This is the perfect treat for your kiddos.

With so many different Halloween crafts and activities, you’ll stay busy all fall long. Plan a few of these each week throughout the season to make the most of this time together as a family.

Do you have any Halloween crafts or activities that you love? Let me know in the comments!

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