Favorite Swim – May 2020

The days when I don’t want to put on a swim suit because I am embarrassed or ashamed of my body are long gone!

Here are a few of my favorite swim suits this year! I LOVE the BECCA brand! Most of these are also breastfeeding friendly <3 I’ve also included some cute sunnies that I have had my eye on (and they are on sale!)

Swim Suits

Amazon Favorites

I love anything that is slimming through the middle! A lot of these options have a variety to choose from as far as style and color. Just make sure to read the size chart 😉

Swim suit season can bring on anxiety, stress, depression and anger. If you are a mama reading this, embrace your beautiful body. Your children don’t see the extra skin or the stretch marks. They see you. They see their amazing mama. Show them what it looks like to be happy in your own skin.

“My body has been a safe home for three beautiful children. It has comforted them, fed them, and held them. I am proud of what it has done. I am proud of how strong my body is. My body is beautiful.”

Brittany Jordan

These are my daily affirmations. If you are struggling with loving your body, I encourage you to write out affirmations and read them aloud daily. Affirmations are a powerful way to change your mindset and can increase your feelings of self-worth.

Check our my post You Are Beautiful Mama for more encouragment!

Now, throw on your swim suit, a cute kimono or coverup, and get out there!

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