17 Awesome Ideas to Announce Your Pregnancy

You took a pregnancy test and receive a positive test. Now, you have to decide how to announce your pregnancy to your friends and family when you finally decide it is time to share your amazing news with everyone.

The first thing you have to do is decide the perfect time to share the news.

Some mothers prefer to wait until the second trimester to announce a pregnancy because the risk of a loss is much lower at this point. Others prefer to share the news with their friends and family as soon as possible since it’s worthy of celebration.

That is up to you! Once you know when you want to share your news, here are some awesome ideas for announce your pregnancy.

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17 Awesome Ideas to Announce Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy T-Shirt

Grab a custom pregnancy t-shirt and wear it to a family event. Wait to see how many – if any – notice what it says. This is one of those announcement ideas that is so simple yet funny. Once one person realizes what it says, they will all notice and get excited!

This shirt really makes me laugh, and you’ll find out who really pays attention to what you’re wearing.

Mark the Calendar

Grab a calendar and mark your due date along with your ultrasound picture. You can put a pacifier or baby shoes around the calendar and take a picture for social media.

Gaming Announcement

Are you a gaming parent? This is definitely one of the best ideas to announce your pregnancy.

Dress your child up as a video game character, such as Mario, and give them a board to hold up with the title “Player One” or a letter board at their feet. Then, stand your child next to another board with the title “Player Two Loading…” with the due date at the bottom.

Send this announcement out to friends and family.

Baking The Perfect Recipe

You found the perfect recipe for a little bit of happiness in your life. This is such a fun and easy pregnancy announcement to put together. Write out a recipe and take a picture with flour hands on your belly with some baking supplies in front of you.

Easy yet adorable!

Thankful Thanksgiving Announcement

You have another reason to be thankful this time of year, so why not grab an editable social media flat lay? This themed announcement is perfect for Thanksgiving, and it’s editable. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Only Child Expiring

This is an easy way to announce your pregnancy. Take a picture of your child – typically when they’re upset – and use Canva to put a label on it saying “Only Child Expiring.”

A Baby Onesie

Give your parents or your spouse a new baby onesie. This is a pregnancy announcement idea that works great for special occasions like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. What a great gift for that excited grandpa!

Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle

Order a premade pregnancy announcement puzzle that tells your parents they will be a grandparent. This is a fun idea if you invite them over for dinner and use it as an activity or game. You also could ship it to them and tell them to work on the puzzle to find the message.

Etsy has some amazing options to find pregnancy puzzles!

Make a big poster and write “The Best Parents Get Promoted to Grandparents!” You can put it in their front yard or walk in holding it to their house.

So fun!

Change of Season

If you’re looking for an adorable yet easy way to announce your pregnancy, grab a letter board and write this little change of season poem for first time parents.

Sidewalk Chalk Announcement

Write on your sidewalk “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” and have your child sit or lay down beside the words. You also can write the due date near them and send it to friends and family.

Christmas Ornament

Is Christmas around the corner? One of the ideas to announce your pregnancy is to give the close family members a custom Christmas ornament to hang on their tree.

This could be a special aunt ornament or a funny uncle ornament with a little tag on the hook that says the arrival date.

Coffee Mug Surprise!

Order some custom coffee mugs to give to grandma and grandpa, telling them that they have a new grandchild joining their family.

A Stack of Books

Grab some books for little kids and hold them in your hand. Put a pair of baby shoes at the top of the stack and take a picture. A child can never have too many books!

Getting a Sidekick

Do you have a little princess or superhero at home? Then, have your child or children dress up in their favorite princess or superhero outfit and announce that they have a new sidekick coming. You can write this on the photo with Canva!

Dress Your Dog

If you have a fur baby, use them to announce your pregnancy and put on a pregnancy announcement shirt for dogs. You also can be in the photo with them, holding balloons or showing off your pregnant belly!

Bump Ahead

I love this idea; it’s so clever and funny. Find a local sign that says “Bump Ahead” and stand in the background with your baby belly. This is an easy announcement to put together, assuming you can find the sign!

You only get one time to announce your pregnancy with your baby, so make sure you do so in a way that you love! It should be special and reflect your excitement and personality. Take your time picking the pregnancy announcement idea that you love the most.

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