My First Pregnancy- Vin’s Birth Story

April 17th 2015, the day that changed my life forever. I became a mother. I took on my greatest role in this lifetime. This is Vin’s birth story. My first pregnancy birth story

Vin's pregnancy and birth story. Little baby newborn shoot.

September 18 2014 I took a pregnancy test. We had been trying and I was late. As a nurse I had days off while Vince was working, so I took the test while he was at work. 2 pink lines. I took another one, and another one. All positive-my very first pregnancy! I WAS PREGNANT!

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I quickly jumped on Pinterest and looked for ways to tell Vince. I went to Walmart and grabbed a 4 pack of his favorite energy drinks and a baby onesie that said “I love my Daddy”. Got back home and carefully opened the packaging for the energy drinks, slid the onesie into it and closed it back. Once Vince got home from work, he thanked me for the case of energy drinks (He was working 4am-4pm at the time) and when he opened it the baby onesie fell out. The smile on his face will forever be etched into my mind (this was before it was cool to record everything).

We called the doctor the next day, had our appointment and fell in love with the little bean growing inside me. We took pregnancy announcement photos and ordered Chinese fortune cookies. Once the cookies came in, we planned a dinner with the parents and told them. My parents were overjoyed at the thought of becoming grandparents.

Throughout the pregnancy everything was great. We had a gender reveal party on December 13th 2014 and found out we were having a boy!

Vin's pregnancy and birth story. Gender Reveal. its a boy

Around 36 weeks my feet became so swollen I would prop them up at work, my shoes didn’t fit and I had pitting edema. My blood pressure was starting to rise. I began going to the doctor every 2 days to my check blood pressure and the protein levels in my urine. We made it to 37 weeks. I would have my blood pressure checked, it would be high and then I would lay in the office on my side for 15 minutes to see if it would come down. (little did I know then, but I would have to do this each pregnancy). At 38 weeks exactly it didn’t come back down and they sent us off to the hospital to have a baby (we stopped and got Chick Fil A on the way.

Vin's pregnancy and birth story. Before becoming parents. Hospital gown
Our last photo before becoming parents!

My parents brought our bags, a comfy pillow and blanket for me (all the things!). Since my blood pressure was high they were inducing me. I got hooked up to an IV for fluids and Pitocin. They placed cytotec that evening. Throughout the night there wasn’t much action. By morning when I hadn’t dilated much, they decided to start Pitocin. As things progressed, I dilated and they broke my water and WOW. The contractions starting coming hard and fast. I reached the point where I couldn’t take any more pain and needed the epidural. I was about 6cm at the time, Pitocin was going and I was shaking the bed rails in pain.

Getting the epidural was a little nerve racking to say the least. However once it was placed I felt a warm gush and the nurse said “you are having a contraction do you feel it?” I didn’t and at that moment I knew getting an epidural was the right choice for me.

After the epidural was place, all I can remember was taking the very best nap of my life. I relaxed and slept and let the medicine do the work. Side note: Vince is a nervous eater. I cannot tell you how many times he went down to the cafeteria and brought back trays of food! haha

The sweetest nurse woke me and said, it’s time. Wait WHAT?! I just took a glorious nap and we are ready to go!

I pushed and it was takes so much physical effort which can be difficult when you can’t exactly feel where you are pushing. After about 45 minutes of pushing, which was the most excruciating thing (you can still feel the ring of fire!) I’ve ever done and also so empowering and terrifying at the same time, Vin was born. Vince was by my side the whole time. Everyone was saying how great I was doing, they were all my personal cheerleaders. I even looked in the mirror, which I never thought I would, and seeing his tiny head was so motivating!

Vin's pregnancy and birth story.Baby was born
The most perfect thing on Earth

Giving birth was hard. Especially hard being the first pregnancy and first birth. The burning sensation, the pushing through your butt…all of it. I almost thought I couldn’t do it but then I saw this beautiful little person and all of the fear and pain disappeared. The moment the most precious thing in the whole world was laid on my chest, everything else just faded away. My heart hurt so much from the love it was flooded with. Tears flooded my face as I held this tiny baby who I was responsible for. There wasn’t an inch of him that I didn’t admire. It was the most beautiful experience inn the entire universe.

Vin's pregnancy and birth story. baby laying on moms chest
The moment that changed my life forever. Also, look at Vince’s smile!

He was worth everything.

The first moments with him were like a dream. We had our own little family <3

Vin's pregnancy and birth story. Family of three. newborn baby
Vin's pregnancy and birth story.Newborn photoshoot

I hope you enjoyed my first pregnancy birth story.

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