15 Ways to Get More People to See Your Blog 

Newbie or not, I guarantee you want more page views, more people seeing your blog, and reading your blog. There truly is not one single thing that can be done to increase your numbers on its own. There are many ways to do it that takes days, weeks, or indefinitely. With patience, time, and effort, it is possible to increase your views. With these tips below, you will be getting more eyes on your blog soon!

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15 Ways to Get More People to See Your Blog 

1. Write More Content 

The best way to get more people to see your blog is to write more content that readers can find. Google proves to us all the time that the more often you update the blog, the more traffic comes. We know that Google loves fresh content, and you have to feed the beast what it wants.

Of course, the true is always writing more content that people need and want to see AND content you can rank for. This is most often determined via your competitor keywords. 

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2. Don’t Forget to Write Better Titles

If you are coming up under a Google Search, you want to make sure your title is interesting and compelling enough for the reader to click on. The same goes for any social media. You want to capture attention and get the reader to click on your blog link.

Readers see your titles first, so they have to capture their attention. Titles help potential readers decide if they should click on your article or not.

You want to avoid clickbait titles; don’t make promises your content really doesn’t produce. However, they should be enticing and solve problems your readers have. Pay attention and see how title changes drive more traffic to your articles. 

3. Your Design Must Draw Attention

Does it catch your readers eye? A blog’s design can impact how long a reader stays on the site. Think about your favorite blog to read. Is it simple and clean? Easy to navigate? Readers should never be confused on your site. They should be able to tell exactly where they need to click to get where they want to go.

Follow these tips:

  1. In your navigation bar make sure to include: About Me, Contact, and Disclosure pages. For your content navigation, having a popular post in addition to your categories is helpful to the reader.
  2. Make sure your search bar is easily identifiable to your reader. This gives readers an easy way to find what they are looking for.
  3. Make your “more post” link big and easy to see. When you get to the bottom a category page, usually you have the ability to click a “more” button to see more content. Make sure yours stands out.
  4. Make sure all of your sidebar images fit correctly.
  5. Check to make sure nothing is overflowing or off center.
  6. Make sure all menu links are working and take your readers to the correct place.

Ask a friend to navigate your site. Ask them to find your email address, you latest blog post, and your social media links. Can they easily leave a comment on your blog post?

4. Use Related Post to Keep Readers On Your Blog

When you get to the end of a post and there are related articles, you are more likely to check those out while still on someone’s blog. If there is nothing to do at the end of a blog you exit out. Installing a related post plugin (for WordPress users) or simply manually linking a couple of your related blog posts at the end of each of your posts is a great way to keep people reading your blog and increase your page views.

5. Have a Rocking Sidebar

Utilize your sidebar. It is your blog’s best friend. A welcome blurb, social icons, links to popular posts and an email sign up box are all great things to have in your sidebar. Make sure your best content is right there for your reader to see.

6. Make It Easy to Join Your Email List 

When people subscribe to your blog, they want to hear from you on a regular basis. More than likely, they liked something you offered or wrote, so take advantage of this.

The problem is they typically won’t subscribe if they have to put effort into it. Make it easy and obvious how to subscribe. You can do this with your sidebar, as mentioned above, but you can also make a pop-up with a freebie – whatever works for your niche! 

7. Make a Solid About Me Page

Your “About” page is just as important as your design. How much you are willing to share about yourself, your journey, your reason for starting a blog is up to you. Best practices say to have 300-500 words with several pictures and links mixed in. You can see mine here.

Your “About” page should be relatable, interesting and authentic. Give your readers a true idea of what to expect on your blog. Make sure you are checking your “About” page every other month or so to make sure all your information is correct. Try to keep images up to date within 6 months.

8. Become Social

You can use social media to grow your blog. Tag other bloggers and brands when fitting, share your latest blog post, join conversations from other bloggers, and respond to direct messages. Be social.

Be careful when using automation and scheduling out things because it really takes the “social” part out. Your ultimate goal should be to grow an authentic audience who interacts. Putting everything on autopilot scheduling can hinder that.

9. Market Like a Boss

The work doesn’t stop once you write a blog post; you have to market it. People won’t find your content without some help from you. 

Some bloggers follow a rule of three. This means that, for every new piece of content, you promote it in at least three places – at minimum. Here are some suggestions.

  • Share it on Facebook! I suggest having a brand page, but to be honest, even your personal page works. I bet your friends and family love to read what you produce and are more likely to share what you wrote with others. 
  • Start a Facebook group for your readers – and niche – and share in the group. 
  • Send every new blog post out in an email! 
  • Promote on Twitter
  • Share a blog graphic on Instagram and change the link in your profile to your newest blog post you want to promote. 
  • Create a TikTok about the article! 
  • Share a pin on Pinterest linking to each new post you have.

10. Interesting Content

If your blog doesn’t have good content, nothing else matters. Interesting, authentic, helpful, and unique content is the backbone of your blog. Making an effort into each blog post goes a long way. Take pride in what you are writing and putting out for others to see. I don’t mean go get the latest Canon camera or spend hours upon hours perfecting your writing, but I am saying make an effort. Your readers will notice and appreciate it.

You should also make sure you proofread your content. Understandably mistakes will happen, but proofreading can help.

Consistency, consistency, consistency. People like consistency. If you normally put out a blog post every Tuesday, stick to that. Your readers know when to expect new material from you.

11. Reuse Old Content

Don’t let your old content die away! 

Aside from always including internal links, you should always share old content on your social media and email marketing. You also can update old content; Google loves this as well! Readers prefer updated articles.

Do you want to read an article from 2017 or 2022? I bet you pick the 2022 article! 

12. Use SEO to Your Advantage

SEO is the GOAT of the online world. There is A LOT to learn on SEO but just do the best you can on each post.

Choosing right keywords for a post is critical, most of the time. Finding keywords that you can rank easily for, where they currently show up on Google and more is usually through a website that is an investment. (Long Tail Pro and KeySearch are just a few).

That being said, don’t look up keywords that would be easy to rank for and then write about that if its not related to you or your blog. Sometimes you just need to write from the heart. If you are writing posts that are mainly about your life, SEO won’t factor in as much. But for posts that are “Baby Must Haves” or “Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe” it would be good to research some keywords.

SEO map

13. Guest Post

You can write as a guest on someone else’s blog. It should be a blog that is somewhat related to yours. This is a great way to reach a related audience and put new content on someone else’s blog. Before committing to writing a guest post, make sure you will get links back to your blog or social channels.

Additionally you can write for larger websites.

14. Running Your Own Ads

This is not something I would recommend when you are first starting, and only after you have a landing page that gives you a chance to make a return on your investment. What does that mean? I would only consider ads if it is driving traffic to a place of yours that you can make money from. The key to ads, is getting back the same or more than what you are spending.

15. Work Work Work

Hard work is what it is going to take to increase your following and page views. None of this is easy. This was a ton of information and if you are overwhelmed just from reading it, I recommend you focus on one thing at a time. Slowly work on each one, learning and perfecting each one to the best of your abilities.

The amount of effort you put into your blog should line up directly with your goals and eventually will be directly related to your success. If you want more people to see your blog, put in the work and it will happen.

I hope that bloggers of all levels can find this helpful in some way <3


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