10 Ways To Grow Your Blog Easily

Did you know there are a few simple things you can do to grow your blog easily?

I know, growing your blog sounds daunting and scary (and something you have to work really hard to do) but I am going to show you how.

By using these 6 strategies, over time, you can increase your blog traffic by 100%!

I am going to lay out the ultimate guide to right strategies for growing your blog easily in 2022.

In 2022, the focus is on user intent, in-depth guides, and videos (just like every other app in the world). If your blog can cover these aspects, you will see improvement in more readers and more email subscribers. Which in turn leads to more income.

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1. List the Last Updated Date

A simple and easy thing to do that can boost your ranking, is to list the last updated date rather than the published date.

A simple tweak to boost rankings on your blog posts is to list the last updated date, rather than the published date.

So, how do you list the last updated date?

There are two ways- the harder way and the easier way! The harder way involves coding and is only for specific to certain WordPress themes.

The much simpler way is to install a free WordPress plugin called WP Last Modified Info (link). Once it is installed, go to the settings of the plugin, then to posts and enable the function. Decide where you want to place the updated date. I like to place it before the content.

2. Write Educational Post

If you are like me, I use Google and Pinterest for just about everything. I go on there to find content that will help me in some way or another. Guess what? A LOT of people use Google and Pinterest for the same thing.

So, while writing inspirational content is great, try to mix in educational content. What is something your readers would search for?

A simple way to figure out what to write to educate your readers about is to break down a huge step into easy tops in a list or how-to post.

When you have an idea go ahead and check out what the search intent is. What are your readers searching for? What would they want to know how to do?

3. Write Frequently

The more you can write, the more Google can analyze to see what your content/blog is about.

I don’t mean to write a lot of super short blog post with a lot of fluff. Keep writing long (at least 2,000 words) posts that are helpful and informative.

As a mom of three, I get it. I don’t always have the time to sit down and write. I find the times I do have and I batch my content. I repurpose my content.

What does batch and repurpose mean? I use my content and repurpose it in other ways on social media. I take a blog post and I turn it into 3 reels, an email and a IG static post. When I batch content I sit down and write as much as I possibly can without worrying about formatting or editing. I get the words out that I want to share.

Linking is a powerful strategy to help your blog authority. Outbound linking/external linking refers to linking to outside sources (other people’s blog post).

If your blog is new, Google still needs to understand what your blog is about. By linking to other sites that are within your same niche, it helps determine what your content is about and if you are a trusted source of content.

I am going to write that again because it can be confusing.

Link to other bloggers’ content that is related to your niche. This strengthens your blog’s trust and authority through Google.

When you post a new bog post, think about other blog posts you have written about that topic and link them. This gives some SEO goodness to your new blog post.

It will tell Google more about your new blog post.

6. Have a Niche

Having a clear topic and writing about that clear topic can increase your organic traffic.

But why?

Google will recognize what your blog is about (and Pinterest and every other platform). Also, other bloggers will recognize what you blog about.

This means that if you write about one niche, and someone is looking for information about that niche or wanting to link to resources, they are coming to your site because they know that is what you write about.

This establishes trust with Google and will help your blog post rank higher in searches.

How do you pick a niche? Find a topic you are passionate about and are willing to write about for years to come. Pick something that brings you joy. After you have picked your niche, optimize your website content to appeal to your target audience and help them with the problems in your niche topic (remember, be educational and helpful!).

7. Vary Your Content Format 

Don’t be afraid to try different types of content and formatting. You may love writing lists, but here are some other ideas. 

  • In-depth how to guides
  • Step-by-step tutorials 
  • Long-form, deep-dive articles (typically more than 4,000 words)
  • Graphics or flowcharts
  • Relevant videos 

Varying your content allows you read other people and use keywords you might not have written about before. 

8. Make Sure You Research Keywords Regularly 

It’s essential to pick the right keywords and stay relevant to get new readers to your website. I suggest picking keywords your competitors rank well for as well, but you should also consult keyword research tools to help plan. 

Use suggested keywords, but avoid ones with too much competition. You want low competition keywords, especially as a new blogger. 

Make sure you regularly check out new keyword ideas. It’s important to stay relevant, and you might find a few ideas you love! 

9. Reuse Your Old Content

You spent time on your old content. While it’s normal for older posts to get pushed to the back of your blog, that’s a waste of your time! You need to update, reuse, and feature all of your content. 

Go back and update posts; I suggest keeping a spreadsheet so you know when the last time you edited a post. Then, send it to your readers in emails, feature it on your social media, and consider making a new infographic. 

There are plenty of ways to reuse old content. 

10. Engage Your Email Subscribers 

Your email list is essential; business live or die by them. An email list helps you grow your marketing network and bring more traffic and revenue. 

You own an email list, and these are engaged fans who enjoy the content you produce. It means you have to worry a bit less about Google and social media if you regular engage your email list, sending them new content. 

Email marketing is a long-term way to grow your blog and bring back regular readers. Plus, regular readers are more likely to purchase any digital content you produce for them. 

It doesn’t have to take a ton of time! 

Readers like simple newsletters that give latest content. Or, you can work towards a paid email list for more detailed newsletters or even small ebooks regularly. 

There are a lot of ways to use your email marketing to grow your blog! 

Grow your Blog Easily

There you have it, my top 6 easy steps to grow your blog easily. These strategies are the first few steps you can take to bring more traffic to your blog!

You can also check out my post Get More People to See Your Blog for more helpful tips on increasing your blog traffic.

You turn- what is a strategy you use to bring more traffic to your site? Let me know in comments below!

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