What to Wear on a Road Trip: 5 Outfits You’ll Love

I’m all about comfort when I’m traveling. Whether we’re flying or driving to our destination, I always opt for cute yet comfortable outfits; I always know what to wear on a road trip.

Fashion is sort-of my thing.

I think there is this thought that comfortable means whatever you’re wearing isn’t fashionable, but that’s so far from the truth. Traveling is all about seeing and experiencing new places, loving your adventure with your family, and you want to be comfortable and happy while traveling.

Picking the right clothes is essential. So, here are my tips for what to wear on a road trip and some outfits you’ll love whether you’re heading to your family beach house or a trip to the mountain.

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5 Outfit Ideas to Wear on a Road Trip

1. Leggings and a Cute Top

Leggings are the best thing to wear on a road trip – hands down! They come in different colors and styles, so they can easily be paired with anything. Plus, I’ve never worn a pair of leggings that aren’t comfortable.

You can easily pair leggings with an adorable, flowy topic and have a cute, yet comfortable, outfit for traveling. Then, you can toss a cardigan over the top if the vehicle is cold while traveling.

Like, look how stinking cute this top by Bishuige is! It’s a loose tunic top that will go perfectly with leggings.

I’ve tried a ton of different legging brands. If you like athletic leggings, I’m a big fan of the IUGA Leggings with Pockets – they’re high-waisted; moms know why we need that!

2. A Knit Pullover Sweatsuit and Shorts

I can’t lie – I’m addicted to this outfit. They’re so comfortable; so I wear them all the time. It’s a two-piece short and sweater outfit set that has a knit pullover that’s so soft I could live in it.

This outfit can be paired well with a cute pair of sneakers, and you’ll look great whether you’re on an airplane or in the car.

3. A Cute Travel Dress

If you know that you need to look presentable when you arrive at your destination, then you need a loose, casual dress. Dresses are comfortable, not tight, and look great when you step out of the car.

You’ll love the Auselily Short-Sleeve Pleated Swing Dress. It has pockets and is knee-length.

Pair a travel dress with sandals or slip-on shoes. It would also look great with a cardigan. I would pair it with this loose Elesol Women’s Cardigan that’s open in the front.

4. Denim Shorts and a T-Shirt

I know some of you love to wear denim shorts. If that’s your jam, then try wearing a pair of denim shorts with a cute t-shirt.

These cute mid-rise distressed jeans would look great with one of these casual, short-sleeve t-shirts.

5. Leggings + Sports Bra

Sometimes, you just want to be super comfortable but you also want to look put together. I wear workout sets and wear them when I’m not hitting the gym because they look put together.

Right now, one of my favorite sets is by JetJoy. It’s a two-piece workout set that’s super soft and comes in several colors, so you could stock up on a few of these.

What to Wear on a Road Trip: 6 Tips You Need

1. Comfortable Yet Cute

We’ve driven to all kinds of locations, and I know one thing – I hate being uncomfortable. You have to sit around, and you want to be relaxed. You don’t want jeans digging into your stomach.

No way.

You want to stretch out in the car or at the next rest stop. You have to wrestle kids out of the car and back in after stops.

But guys, comfortable doesn’t have to mean you don’t look cute. If you’re heading out on a winter trip, an adorable, oversized sweater and leggings look perfect, especially if you add a scarf when you get out at a rest stop. A cotton romper is soft, comfortable, and adorable for summer road trips.

2. Tight Outfits Are a No-No

Jeans aren’t my friend; I love athletics fashion and leggings. Jeans cut into your waist when you sit down for long periods, so how will you feel after eight hours?

Here’s what I do.

When I put on an outfit, I sit down in a car and think about – how will I feel if I wear this for an entire day in my car? Plus, I know I’m going to binge on snacks and coffee the entire time.

If I think I won’t feel comfortable the entire time, I pack the outfit for a day at my destination but not the trip itself.

Make sure you think about your bra and underwear. I hate when I wear underwear that keep sliding down or an itchy bra that makes me want to toss it out the window.

3. Think about Your Final Destination

Where are you heading? Sometimes, when you leave your home, the climate or weather is totally different when you reach your vacation spot. So, that means you really need to plan ahead.

Make sure you think about your stops and where you’ll end up at the end.

For example, if you’re home is a bit chilly, but you’re driving to the beach where it’s projected to be 80 degrees by the time you get there, you might want to wear leggings, a tank top, and a comfortable cardigan over the top that you can take off when you get there.

4. You’ll Be Cold in the Car

If your spouse is like mine, the car is always cold when we are traveling. My son asked my husband to turn on the heat a few days ago because it was so chilly – mind you, it’s June and well into the upper 80s and low 90s every day right now.

I accept my fate of being cold in the car, but this means I have to plan accordingly.

The best trick is to have plenty of layers. Bringing blankets and cardigans means you stay temperature comfortable, so you can cover up when your husband is trying to feel like you’re in the Arctic.

Grab some socks too, or make sure you wear sneakers instead of sandals while traveling.

5. Sneakers or Slip-Ons Work Best

I’m often tempted to wear sandals when I’m traveling, but if you’re wondering what to wear on a road trip, I suggest sneakers or slip-on shoes. Comfortable, closed-toes shoes are best because your feet feel cozy and comfortable, even if your husband cranks up the foot-level AC vents.

It’s also about safety.

If you end up driving part of the long distance, flip-flops get wedged easier under the pedals and high-heels don’t give you the best control with the pedals.

Plus, when your toddler takes off when you get him out of the car, you need to be able to keep up.

6. Do You Need Accessories?

I already mentioned socks and cardigans, but make sure you think about what other accessories you might need to wear on a road trip.

If you love hats, consider a summer hat or a beanie, and you also want sunglasses.

Dressing for a Road Trip

When you’re trying to figure out what to wear on a road trip, remember to be comfortable. You’ll be in the car for hours to come, and that’s not always comfortable. You want the hours to fly by not drag by, and you don’t want to wear something that makes you itchy or miserable. These five ideas for what to wear on a road trip will keep you cozy and ready for the trip to come.

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