Having Hesitations about Blogging?

When I first started thinking about blogging I some hesitations, as did my husband. We often wondered if it would work, would people read the blog, would it be worth the effort and time. I am so glad I looked past those hesitations! Blogging is a creative and fun outlet for me that I truly enjoy.

Continue below to read about the most common hesitations about blogging that people have.

female unsure and having hesitations about blogging

Money Hesitation

Money is a big hesitation that many have, and rightfully so. It takes money to properly start a self-hosted blog. Using a free service means you don’t own your blog or the content, and you are at the mercy of whomever is providing that free service. I know that it can be hard to spend money on something you are unsure of, but blogging is one of the few potential businesses that you can start up for under $10 a month.

Fear Sets In

Fear of no one reading. Fear of putting yourself out there. Fear of mean comments. Fear of success.

Now lets break each of those down.

No one will read my blog. This is a common fear (and a realization) that many people have. When you start, not many will read your blog. If it were as easy as writing a post and tons of people reading it, everyone would be doing it. The truth is, you have to build your audience by making connections. When I first started my blog NO ONE read it. Okay, maybe my mom, but that was it. I was enjoying writing motherhood advice and struggles. I just wanted to write.

Showing the world who you are can be scary. It is common, and normal, to have hesitations about putting details about your life on the internet. But guess what?? It is YOUR blog. You get to choose what you share and don’t. If you aren’t comfortable sharing something, you don’t have to. I live in a small town where everyone is in everyone’s business anyways so it wasn’t a big deal to me.

Keyboard warriors are going to come for you. They come for me. They come for the biggest of blogs. It is OKAY. You should never let others’ opinions affect your goals. Period.

Why would someone be scared of succeeding? Meeting your expectations can be scary because you often think about what you have to give up or miss to get that success. The truth is, you are deserving of success. You are worthy of success.

What hesitations about blogging? Let me know in comments below!

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