How to Blog Regularly: 10 Tips Bloggers Need

One of the hardest parts of having a website is finding the time to create content regularly. Consistency matters, and the more content you have, the more eyes end up on your website. However, new and experienced bloggers alike all have the same problem – figuring out how to blog regularly.

I’ve always been a person who thrives on a schedule, so finding out how to create content regularly was a goal for me. I knew I needed to make content and rank well on Google, but as a busy mom of 3, I knew I needed a plan to blog regularly.

Don’t think it will just happen! That’s a huge mistake.

You have to be intentional with your goals and assuming things will naturally happen is never a good idea. If you’re wondering how to blog regularly and be consistent with your content plans, here are some tips to help you!

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How Many Times Should You Publish Content Each Month?

Google has never come out and told bloggers how many times they want you to create new articles for your website, so we have to take what we know and apply it.

First, Google loves new and fresh content; they want to know your blog is active and you’re creating new things for your readers to engage and read. However, what you think is fresh and new may not be what Google thinks is new. Typically, posts created within the last year are fresh – it often takes upwards of six months for Google to get your articles to their new ranking position anyway.

Next, Google has told us time and time again that the QUALITY of your content matters the most. They want readers to go to your website and find all of the answers to their problems, so the quality you create matters more than the quantity.

If you create new articles weekly but they are weak and don’t help your readers solve their problems, then Google is going to rank your articles lower.

However, that comes to another problem – Google needs to see enough content to know what your website is all about. You can think of a big filing cabinet, and Google sees your content, reads it, and files it away into a section about your niche. Over time, your website adds more content to that section, and Google realizes you are an authority in this niche.

The answer isn’t clear cut, but if you’re in blogging to make money – who isn’t? – typically you want at least one or two articles per month. However, if you find that the quality decreases, cut it back. Make the articles you create the best they can be first and foremost!

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Why Should You Blog Regularly

With all that said, you may wonder why you need to blog regularly, and a lot of it has to do with your mental consistently and treating blogging like a job.

Yes, this is your job if you want to make money!

Blogging is all about consistency and persistence. We know that the quality of your content matters the most, but you want new content for several reasons.

  • Readers love new content, especially your email subscribers. They want new and fresh content to see and keep them coming back, especially if you want to sell products to your email subscribers!
  • It helps build authority in a niche; Google needs to know what your website is all about.
  • More content gives you more social media content.
  • You can cover a wide range of keywords.
  • New content gives you new opportunities for reaching new readers and potentially collaborating with other bloggers.

However, many bloggers treat their website like a hobby and end up with a wild schedule with inconsistently publishing. You may not blog every day, and you find that it’s hard to get into a routine. When you adopt a good blogging habit, good results follow!

10 Tips to Blog Regularly

1. Set Blogging Goals

Setting blogging goals, even small ones, will help you run your blog in a smoother fashion. Goal setting is great for businesses because they allow you to align your actions to reach your goals, and it reminds you of the tasks you need to complete each day, week, and month.

The goals can be simple, and I typically suggest setting smaller milestones rather than big ones. You’ll feel more accomplished when you actually meet your goals.

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2. Create a 6 Month Content Calendar

Once you have your goals, create a six month contest calendar. Planning content in advance helps you stay consistent, and you stay ahead of the season. Remember, Google takes time to rank your articles, so seasonal content needs to be put out several months ahead of time.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Create a six month calendar and look at any holidays or events you have upcoming that you want content for. Make the articles for these events six months ahead of time – yes, you may write Christmas content in July! That’s ok!
  2. Then, put the rest of your keyword ideas into a spreadsheet with blog post titles.
  3. Select dates for these articles – due dates & publication dates. You want to look at similar content and potentially create some batch content. For example, if you are covering planting fruit trees, you may want to put several articles out about this topic for easy internal linking articles.
  4. Then, plan out your email content schedule. Email marketing is so important!

3. Create a Schedule

You have your content calendar, and now, you need a schedule. For many website owners, creating a schedule truly help, so long as you stick with it.

Here’s an example.

Monday and Tuesdays are your writing days to get the posts created for that week’s content calendar. Wednesday is the day you add the pictures and file details before scheduling them on their proper days.

You know on Monday and Tuesday you need a set amount of time to create those articles, so you don’t plan appointments or other big projects on those days.

4. Stay Committed & Develop a Writing Habit

Developing ANY habit takes time; some experts say it’s a minimum of 28 days straight before something is a habit in your life, but I venture to say even longer. Writing is an essential part of blogging; they’re connected.

So, taking the time and being focused on commitment and developing a writing habit is a huge deal. Sometimes, you don’t feel like taking the time to blog – we’ve all been there. The reality is sometimes, you need to just do SOMETHING.

Here are some easy tasks to help you stay committed to blog regularly.

  • Create an outline for a post.
  • Make headlines
  • Take time to do some keyword research
  • Draft an email
  • Edit an old blog post
  • Create a few new blog pins

5. Create Posts in Advance

Scheduling posts in advance helps you stay on top of the game. This way, if you do take a few days off, you don’t have to feel like your blog is just left to the side. You want new content out regularly, and creating posts in advance allow you to take time off without things falling behind.

You can even plan social media posts far out in advance!

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6. Remember: This is a Job

I remember someone told me before that if I wanted to blog regularly, I had to find inspiration. However, who finds inspiration that regularly?

If you want to make money blogging, you have to treat this like a job. Sometimes, you pick a topic for this week, and when the time arrives, you don’t feel like writing that.

Oh well! It’s on your schedule and content calendar, and you picked it for a reason! It serves a purpose in your overall goal, so get it done. Sometimes, inspiration won’t come, but this is a job.

7. Use a Block Schedule for Tasks

Some call it batch work or block scheduling, but the idea is you work on specific tasks. That may mean you only write articles on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are when you put in your photos and internal linking. Thursdays may be the day you create your email marketing plans.

Batching always works for tasks and it reduces your stress levels.

You should even have time for brainstorming and thinking about your old content. Come up with ways to use old content and revitalize it on social media or through editing. You should always edit your old content, so make sure that is part of your schedule.

8. Reduce Distractions While You Work

Distractions are a big reason why you may not be as productive as you want. It’s too easy to grow your phone and check Facebook, losing 15-20 minutes out of your work time.

You have to eliminate distractions as much as possible; it’s hard for moms, but we can do our best! Staying focused will allow you to get your tasks done in a reasonable amount of time.

Here are some suggestions.

  • Set your phone on “Do Not Disturb.”
  • Disable social media notifications.
  • Set daily time limits on your social media apps.
  • Mark yourself unavailable during your work hours.
  • Set timers for your tasks & give yourself deadlines!
  • Hire a mommy’s helper if you have littles at home to keep your kids entertained during your work hours.

9. Keep a List of Blog Post Keywords

I’m going to let you know a secret – you can’t rank for every keyword. Some keywords are dominated by large websites, and you waste your time – especially new bloggers – going after those keywords.

Instead, use tools to find low ranking keywords based on what your competitors rank for to decide what to write. No, you can’t write simply what seems like a good idea. Your goal is for Google to rank your articles, and taking ample time to pick the right keywords is essential.

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10. Get Inspiration

This is all a mental game, and sometimes, when you lose inspiration and creativity, you won’t want to stay consistent when working. I include finding inspiration and taking workshops to further my knowledge of blogging part of my working time.

Here are some ideas!

  • Take blogging workshops, such as ones about SEO!
  • Read blogging websites
  • Listen to podcasts.
  • Read business books.
  • Take part in blogging challenges.
  • Talk to other bloggers to learn.

If you want to blog regularly, make sure you use these tips for consistency. You want to make sure you get new content for readers to enjoy and help push your blog to higher rankings!

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