How to Choose What to Blog About

You have been thinking about starting your blog for far to long, but can’t figure out what to write about. I am here to help! When choosing what to blog about you should have one main focus. If you love crafting, a craft blog. If you love cooking, a cooking blog. If you love sharing about your motherhood journey, a motherhood blog.

choosing what to blog about. Photo of entering the name of your blog post
Choosing a Blog Title can be hard. Think of it as “What would someone search if I wanted them to find this blog”

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But what if you can’t choose ONE specific thing to blog about?

Lifestyle blogging enters room.

You can simply write a blog just about your life. About your day trip to the beach, the recipe you cooked for your family last night, and your favorite new books you are reading.

There is nothing wrong with having a more narrow focus, but having a variety of things you love to write about allows you to make changes and pivot if you want to.

Some popular lifestyle niches are: food, parenting, faith, fashion, and beauty. Each of these niches have bloggers who make full time income. Then there are blogs who have no niche at all and make a full time income. It really comes down to your ability to produce interesting content consistently.

Choosing what you blog about comes down to personal preference. Start your blog with a topic that you are passionate about. Write about something that brings you joy. That joy will shine through in your writing and your audience will pick up on that. That is the secret to a successful blog.

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