7 Best Double Strollers for Disney World

A trip to Disney World is a dream vacation for many families, but one thing is true – it’s exhausting for both the parents and kids. One of the essential things you need to bring with you if you have two kids is a double stroller for Disney World.

A stroller is a need when you hit up Disney for the week. It involves a ton of walking, and when you have to carry diapers, wipes, and more with you, you need a place to keep your diaper bag. Not all double strollers are the same though, and you have to make sure you bring one that is permitted into the parks.

Let’s take a look at a few my picks for the best double stroller for Disney World and how to pick one that works for your baby.

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Do I Really Need a Double Stroller for Disney World?

When you’re traveling to Disney World, parents typically want to only bring what is truly necessary, so you might wonder if you really need to bring a double stroller for Disney World.

If you have two young kids, the answer is yes, you need a double stroller when visiting Walt Disney World.

Disney World guests walk around eight to ten miles per day – think about that! Depending on when you go, it could be pretty hot outside, and we all know what happens when our kids get hot and tired.

They start to meltdown and have tantrums. So, if you have more than one child under the age of six years old, I highly suggest bringing a double stroller. This gives your children a shady place to relax, have a drink, and some snacks. Young infants and toddlers may take naps in the stroller – a trip to Disney is tiring!

Plus, having a stroller gives you a safe place to keep your children. Disney is known for crowds, so it’s a surefire way to prevent a child from getting lost in the crowds.

Are You Allowed to Bring a Double Stroller into Disney World?

Parents are permitted to bring a double stroller into Disney World as long as you follow their stroller policy. If you’re flying, it may be easier to rent a stroller than to bring one with you. However, flying with a double stroller is totally possible!

Let’s take a look at some Disney World stroller rules, restrictions, and regulations.

Disney Stroller Rules and Restrictions 

Disney implemented stricter stroller rules and restrictions in 2019. Their goal was to ease the congestion guests experience, and while it seems that they met their goal, parents have to make sure their stroller meet the requirements before entering the parks.

If they don’t, then Disney will ask you to leave your stroller at the gates! No one wants that to happen.

1. Disney Stroller Dimensions 

Strollers must be a maximum of 31 inches wide and 52 inches in length, and this includes double strollers. So, when selecting your double stroller for Disney World, this is the most important thing to encourage.

When you enter Disney, you’ll find printed boxes on the ground, and you have to make sure your stroller fits inside of the box. Thankfully, most do work in these dimensions, but some are too large.

2. No More Stroller Wagons 

Parents loved bringing traditional pull-wagons with them into Disney World, especially when you have multiple kids, but Disney has a strict no stroller wagon policy now.

This rule was actually around for quite awhile, but parents started using the Keenz stroller wagons – that you push – to get around the regulation. So, Disney changed it – no wagons – period.

3. Park in Designated Areas

Technically, this isn’t a rule, but it’s important to follow this guideline. Disney placed designated areas for parents to park their strollers throughout Magic Kingdom and all Disney World parks. They don’t want parents simply parking their stroller anywhere they want.

Not only is that disruptive, but it’s a tripping hazard.

Now, these parking places are near many of the popular rides. If you don’t put your stroller there, cast members are allowed to move your stroller for you. So, don’t be surprised if you come back, and your stroller is in a totally different area.

4. Fold Your Stroller on Buses

Disney offers several different transportation options throughout the parks, and buses are one of the most popular. However, if you ride the Disney bus with a stroller, they have to be folded. Some parents find this a hassle and opt to use the monorails and boats that allow you to keep strollers open.

Also, Disney has a strict no stroller on escalators policy that needs to be followed!

Renting Strollers at Disney World

If the idea of bringing your stroller – double or single – while on an airplane is daunting, Disney offers strollers for rental at all of their locations. However, these aren’t free, and you should consider how much it will cost you based on how long you plan to stay there.

Here are the prices for stroller rentals at Disney.

  • Single Strollers: $15 per day or $13 for longer lengths of stay.
  • Double Strollers: $31 per day or $27 for longer stays.

All rentals require a $100 credit card deposit, and they have to stay on Disney property. They cannot be taken out of the parks and Disney Springs. However, some other stroller rental companies exist around the park; they may have different prices for you!

How to Select the Best Double Stroller for Disney World 

If you do a quick search of double strollers on the market, you’ll find dozens, but not all are ideal for Disney. Here are some factors to keep in mind when picking one to take with you to Disney World.

Size and Weight

You have to consider the weight of the stroller. Lightweight, easy to carry strollers are ideal for Disney World. If it’s too heavy, you won’t want to lug it through the airport or on and off Disney transportation. 

The lighter a stroller is, the easier it is to maneuver around. You’ll find it much easier to go around turns and tight spaces. Plus, it’s just overall easier to push a lightweight stroller. 


You’ll be traveling all around the resort when you have a Disney vacation, so that means you’ll take the public transportation often. A double stroller should be easy to fold; you don’t want to fumble with it while everyone is loading onto the bus to head to Magic Kingdom.

Some strollers even have convenient carrying straps to make it easier to pick up and move when folded. Look for a stroller with a compact fold; that’s ideal for storage in your vehicle and when you go on an airplane with a stroller. Also, take a look at its weight; you don’t want to struggle lifting it up and down.

Easy to Maneuver

Disney is known for large crowds, so finding a stroller that is easy to maneuver around people and turns is essential. You’ll face all sorts of obstacles, and you don’t want to struggle the entire time.

Storage & Extra Features

Strollers need to provide space for you to keep your diaper bag and any of the items you need while at the Disney parks. An ideal double stroller has a large basket with room to spare.

Also, look at the extra features the strollers may have like a parent console, mesh bags, and cupholders. Those things really make one stroller stand out when compared to another.

The sunshade is an extra feature you NEED when visiting a Disney park. Most double strollers have sunshades, but ideally, each seat has an independent one. It’s also nice when the shades have a peek-a-boo window so you can check out your baby while he’s napping. 

Easy for Napping

Taking a young baby or toddler to Disney means you have to think about nap time, and having a stroller that is good for naps really comes in clutch. Look for a double stroller for Disney World with a comfortable recline, ideally each seat should recline independently. You also want a large sunshade to protect your baby from the Florida sun.


Let’s be honest – the price always matters. Strollers have a wide range of prices, starting around $100 and going up to $1,000. Set a budget and stick to it. Typically, price indicates quality, but that’s not always true. Some budget-friendly strollers will serve you and last just as long as a budget-breaking one! 

5 Best Double Stroller for Disney World

1. Joovy Scooter X2

Parents who love a side-by-side stroller (like me) will love the Joovy Scooter X2. It won’t break your bank, and it has so many features that make it an excellent option.

First, the suspension system rocks, and maneuvering around turns and curves is a breeze. It’s also pretty narrow for a side-by-side stroller, measuring 32″ x 30″ x 44.5″ when opened.

The stroller has a large basket under the seats along with stroller bags on the back of each seat for parents to toss items they need close. Each stroller seat reclines independently, which is something I like when you have two different aged children. The seats have mesh pockets on the inside, giving your kids a place to store their snacks and cups.

This stroller has one large sunshade with a peek-a-boo window on top. It would be nice if each seat how their own seat, and kids don’t have snack trays with this stroller. Another downside is that this isn’t an all terrain stroller; it won’t handle rough or thick terrain, but that doesn’t apply at Disney since you’ll be on trails and pavement the entire time.

2. Baby Trend Sit n Stand Ultra Stroller

Sit and Stand stroller are a popular pick for parents with kids who are different ages, especially when you have a toddler or preschooler who like the freedom of walking but still get tired at times. The Baby Trend Sit n Stand Stroller is one of the most popular picks for parents; it’s a budget-friendly choice with features parents love.

Lets look at some of the features!

First, it has great storage. The storage basket under the seats is large, and it has extra cup holders for you and your baby. The parent console gives you a place to keep your keys and phone as well.

Another nice feature is that the front seat reclines, and the rear has a seat holds either an infant car seat or has a bench seat for older kids to sit. It even accommodates two infant car seats at one time if you have twins. Tandem strollers are a great option at Disney World since they are easy to weave through crowds, and they have a narrow width, so you know they fit the dimensions required at Disney World.

Of course, Baby Trend has a few downsides. The front canopy is too small, and the kid who sits in the back has no canopy at all. It’s possible to buy separate sunshades though, especially considering how budget friendly this stroller really is!

3. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Not all double strollers are lightweight; some are downright heavy. That’s where the Kolcraft Cloud Plus shines – it’s lightweight and only weighs 23lbs. It is appropriate for kids between 6 months and 4 years old.

This stroller has a lot of features that make it an awesome double stroller for Disney World. It has plenty of storage including a large basket underneath of the seats, plenty of cup holders, and snack trays for each child. Another feature I like is that each seat has its own independent canopy rather than one large one.

Kolcraft created this stroller to fold easily, and the fold is nearly flat. Once you fold it, it stands on its own, making it convenient when getting on and off the busses at Disney World.

However, it has some downsides. Since these seats don’t recline too far, this stroller is best for older infants and toddlers. Don’t use it for young infants without proper head control.

Each seat has its own independent canopy that is a large size. However, one downside is that the seats won’t recline as far as other ones on the list. So, this is best for older infants and toddlers rather than young babies without proper neck and head control.

4. Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller

Here’s another great tandem stroller that gives parents versatility. This is a sit to stand stroller with multiple reclining positions, so you can keep your kids happy and comfortable.

The Joovy Caboose is a bit different than other tandem strollers because it comes with a seat in the back for your toddler, but you also can remove it for your older child, giving them a place to stand and ride instead of sitting. Both seats recline independently and offer different positions, so you can find something that works for both of your kids.

Another reason that the Caboose is such a popular pick for parents is that it has four-wheel suspension. It makes moving throughout the crowd at Disney World easy.

Keep in mind that each seat holds a child up to 45lbs. While this is a great limit, some strollers have higher weight limits. Another downside is that the rear seat doesn’t have a canopy.

5. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

If you want an all terrain double stroller, you’ll love the Baby Trend Expedition. It’s in the middle of the road as far as price range; it’s not nearly as expensive as other brands but offers plenty of features parents want to see.

Baby Trend Expedition is a jogging stroller that has a foot-operated brake and locking front wheels when you need more stability. That’s great for the rough terrain, and each seat has a 45 pound weight limit.

Baby Trend offers features that both parents and babies enjoy. Each seat reclines independently with multiple reclining positions, ideal for napping on the go. A five-point harness keeps your baby safe while jogging or going over rough terrain. You’ll love the large canopy, large canopy, and two cup holders.

However, there are some downsides. It would be better if each seat had its own canopy, and it doesn’t have snack trays or cup holders for the little kids.

6. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller 

If you want a jogger double stroller for Disney, take a look at the Baby Trend Navigator. It is a sturdy, jogging stroller with four wheels, making it easy and study to push. 

Baby Trend included an adjustable five-point harness, and each seat reclines independently. So, if you have a baby who wants to nap but your toddler doesn’t, this stroller is perfect for that. The downside is that the recommended maximum age for the stroller is three years old; it’s not ideal for five or six year olds. 

Under the stroller, parents find two large storage baskets, perfect for storing all the essentials you need while visiting Disney. The strollers have plenty of foot room for each child, and each kid has their own tray with two cup holders.

An awesome convenient feature is an mp3 plugging and speaker, so you can play white noise or your baby’s favorite music. However, the downside is that the handlebar doesn’t adjust to your height, and some tall parents have noted that it’s too low for them. 

7. Baby Jogger City Mini All-Terrain Double Stroller 

Many people put the City Mini at the top of the list for best double stroller for Disney World, but let’s talk about the elephant in the room – this stroller costs $700. The average family can’t and won’t spend that much on a stroller, so while I think it’s AMAZING, it’s not a practical choice for most.

However, if you have the budget to afford it, you can’t go wrong. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, features a large sun canopy, and has adjustable handlebars. You can use this as a travel system since it is compatible with various infant car seats. 

Not to mention, the quality is really second to none. For the price tag, you will receive high-quality construction materials. It’s not a stroller that will break or give out before you’re done with it, and it’s the perfect size for a Disney trip.

Aside from the cost, it doesn’t have a lot of storage area. It also doesn’t come with integrated trays or cup holders, so if those are essential to you, they’ll need to be purchased separately. 

Trust me; you need a double stroller for Disney World. It’s a fun yet tiring trip, so make sure your children have somewhere to sit and relax while cruising the parks. You’ll need it to avoid tantrums and meltdowns!


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